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How to Connect Internet in Windows Vista

Connect to Internet in Windows Vista

This is a tutorial on how to connect to Internet when using Windows Vista. Connection to Internet in Windows Vista can be done by following some easy steps. All the softwares needed to create the connection are inbuilt into Vista Operating System. We need only a connection to out ISP in order to create an Internet Connection in Windows Vista.

There are 3 ways how you can connect to your Internet in Vista


What we need?
  • An Internet Connection to the ISP
How to Connect to Internet?

Go to Control Panel --> Go to Network and Internet --> Go To Network and Sharing Center --> Click Set up a connection or Network --> click Connect to Internet

Unable to install Windows Vista SP1 ( Service Pack 1 )

Are you not able to upgrade to Windows Vista SP1

Windows Vista SP1 ( Service Pack 1 ) has been released is a story now. I have seen many guys not able to upgrade or install Windows Vista SP1. These admins face a lot of problems when installing SP1. I have listed out some reasons why these guys are facing such trouble when installing Windows Vista SP1.

  1. Disk Space Requirement
  2. The administrators must know the disk space requirements when installing the service pack.

    The disk requirements for SP1 depend on what method you use to install SP1.

    Installation methodRequired disk space

    Windows Update

    x86-based: 1,200 MB

    x64-based: 1,500 MB

    Downloading SP1 from the Microsoft website

    x86-based: 2,500 MB to 5,450 MB

    x64-based: 4,100 MB to 7,850 MB

    Integrated installation

    15 GB

  3. Check that no USB device is plugged into the system
  4. No service pack has been installed earlier into the system
  5. Laptop performing installation must be connected to AC Power
  6. Insure your system doesn't have any corrupted file. Check it with chkdsk.exe
  7. Be a pro and try not to install Windows Vista SP1 on a different OS like XP, 2003 , 95 and even on Linux.

BitLocker Multiple Partitions Lock not working

Unable to Lock Multiple Partitions in BitLocker

To improve local security access to a Operating System, System Admins do lock the hard drive partitions by BitLocker encryption. With Windows Vista , we were able to to lock only one partition of the hard drive but we were unable to to encrypt multiple partitions.

Have not you seen multiple partitions being locked by Bitlocker in Vista ? And of course you are unable to do so. The one point that you guys are leaving behind is Windows Vista SP1.

With Windows Vista SP1 we got an ability to lock multiple partitions on a system. Just check out your Service Pack and I hope this will help you out.

Unable to upgrade to Windows Vista

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista

If you are unable to upgrade to Windows Vista Operating System, you must be performing any step wrong during the Windows Vista upgrade process. Before the upgrade of your Windows operating system you must check some prerequisite defined for Vista Upgrade. I have compiled a list of such prerequisite and hope its useful for you if you are unable to upgrade to Vista from Windows XP.

Prerequisite before upgrade to Windows Vista -

  • Check that you are upgrading the correct version. ie from Windows XP 32 bit to Vista 32 bit
  • Check the Hardware Compatibility when upgrading Vista- By running Vista upgrade Advisor
  • Make sure you have Windows XP SP2 installed on your system
Make sure that you have completed the above defined checklist before upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System.

Automatic Device Discovery - Network Monitoring Tool

Tool which automatic discover device on network

The network monitoring tool about which I want to speak today is OpManager by ManageEngine. This tool helps system and network administrators to monitor their network effectively. One good feature that I liked about this tool was its automatic device discovery feature. With the use of the automatic device discover feature an admin can search for all active devices on a particular IP subnet.


A Point to note here is that, with OpManager you can discover a single device , multiple devices from an IP subnet or import devices in the form of a CSV file by determining the IP addresses in the CSV file.

This network monitoring tool is Multi platform and can be installed either on Windows or Linux. A feature which I know that you won't like about this tool is that its free only to monitor 10 computer and if you want more out of it , its gonna cost you a bit. But atleast you can automatic discover 10 computer or devices for free and monitor them effectively. Good if you have a small organization.

How to change log size in event viewer

Change log size in event viewer

When the event viewer log file is full, their is of course a need to change log size in event viewer. This log size determines how much data can be stored in the log files and whether the data should be overwritten or not.

View this tutorial to know how to change log size in event viewer

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Friday, 15 May 2009

How to change log file path in event viewer

How to change log file path in event viewer

Log file in event viewer contain logs relating to application, security, system, dns and directory service. These log files must be backed up properly in a corporate environment. The path of the log file is fix on all Windows Systems ie %systemroot%/system32/config/"filename"

To change the logging path of these log files all you have to do is to modify registry.

Here's a tutorial on How to change log file path in event viewer

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Audio Playing Without No Video or Display error Troubleshooting

Audio Playing Without No Video or Display

Sometimes it may have happened to you after you might have downloaded any video file from internet but only the audio is working without no display or video playing. This Problem has a very simple solution.

People get into this trouble because of .avi extension file which they have downloaded from the internet and are trying to play that file into a media player without the support of that file extension. Just check out the file extension to solve this issue.

Now the next you need to download VLC media player, because it supports playing .avi extension files.

Sometimes it's so simple to troubleshoot a problem, right!

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How to send a console message from Computer Management Console

Send message from Computer Management Console

Many times we need to send a message to users who are logged on any other remote computer, for some maintenance issues or any thing else. There are many ways for informing a user like net meeting or any other chat software but these software doesn't solve the issue completely. Why? because either the user takes these messages lightly or sometimes doesn't even try to take any message.

So their must be a proper mechanism so that the message sent to the user must flash on his screen, to let him know about any issue.

To sent this kinda warning or information messages you will need to open your computer management console

Go to Start --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management

In Computer Management Select "Action" from the menu bar and select "All tasks" --> "Send Console Messages"

Click "Add"
Type the name of the recipient computer
Click O.K

Type your message in your message box and click send.

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How to Start or Stop a service remotely

Start or Stop a service remotely

To start on stop a service on a remote computer you must be connected to the remote computer. When you are connected to the remote computer you can start or stop any service like telnet on that Windows machine. If you don't know how to connect to a computer remotely - read this (how to connect to a remote computer)

Why to start or stop a service remotely ?

Theirs no reason specifically for this , only why people do this is because they don't want to walk to the remote computer or the remote computer is quite far away or its a server sitting in some locked room.

After You have connected to a computer or server remotely through Computer Management Console

Expand Service and Applications

Select Services

Now in the right pane start or stop any service you want, on the remote computer.

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How to Connect a Remote Computer to Manage Remotely

How to Connect a Remote Computer to Manage Remotely

System Administrator or Computer Operators need to connect to remote computers running Windows to manage them. Connecting to a computer remotely saves time of the computer operator. Managing Computer remotely can also be a nice trick for some guys.

The process I am going to explain not only connect a remote computer to your local computer but also allows you to manage various services like event viewer, shared folders, users and groups, performance logs and alerts, device manager, disk defragmentation and start or stop any service remotely. Lets see how this is done -

Go to Start --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management

In Computer Management Select "Action" from the menu bar and select "Connect to another computer"

Type the IP address of the remote computer you want to manage and select O.K

Now you are connected to a remote computer via computer management tool locally.

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What are Persistent IP Route - How to Add routes in routing table

Persistent Static IP Route in Windows

If you don't know how to add static IP route in windows operating system I will prefer you to read this tutorial. "How to add static route"

Persistent routes are needed because the routes which are not persistent are removed from the Windows operating system once the OS is rebooted. So in order to preserve the routes we have to add persistent routes in the system by a command.

route add mask -p

The "-p" option denotes that this route is persistence in nature.

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Static Route - How to Delete Static IP Route

How to delete Static IP Route

To delete a static IP Route which either you have added or is previously defined type the following command.

route delete

The command above will delete the static route "" in your system.

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Static Route - How to add Static IP Route in Windows

How to add static IP route in Windows?

Static IP Route in Windows are those routes which are added manually into the system. To add static routes in the Windows Operating system is done by the use of a command "Route add".

Route add

In the above example we have added a static route for IP address via gateway , tell that its a host route (a route for a specific host)

Please note that the route added above are note persistent in nature they will be removed once the system is rebooted.

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Security Logs - Start Security Logging on a Server or Computer

Start Security Logging on a Server or Computer

I hope that you know what is security logs before reading further. In order to start security logging on your domain controller server, domain or client computer , you need to open the group policy object editor of the object(domain, dc , client pc) , where you want to start security logging.

The Path where you can edit or start securtity logging

In the GPO --> Computer Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policies --> Audit Policy

Now in the right pane you will find all the audit policies that you want to edit or start --> just double click them and change your settings

Don't forget to Refresh you GP (Group Policy in short)

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Security logs - What is Security Logs in event viewer

What is Security Logs in event viewer

People need to access various objects in a computer like printers, files or folders and many more. When this access is made on servers you need some mechanism to track your users access on the server. By password you can only authenticate a user but you might need to authorize a user to perform certain tasks in a computer or your server.What if the user is accessing more than what you are giving him.

That's why you need some mechanism to track that access and that's done by security logs. By default security logs are enable on your system, domain controller or you domain. But still you have to enable security logging of multiple objects in a computer via group policy.

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"Your Security Log is full" error

"Your Security log is full" error message solution

"Your Security log is full" Error message - a solution

The error that your security log is full occurs when the security log of your event viewer has reached its maximum storage capacity. In order to fix this problem you have to clear the security logs of your event viewer.

Make sure you have saved your security logs before clearing them.

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Security logs - How to Clear Security Logs in Event Viewer

Clear security logs

Why Clear Security Logs ?

Sometimes Security logs in event viewer have a fixed size, when this size is full further logging into the server or a computer is not available so in order to start relogging one needs to clear current security events.

To clear Security logs.

Go to Start --> Run --> compmgmt.msc

Select event viewer

Select security --> right click --> select "Clear all events"

Be sure that you have already saved your security logs in a file.

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Security logs - How to Save security logs in event viewers

Save Security Logs

Why to save security logs ?

All object access information in a computer,(better call it as a server) is stored in security logs of event viewer. This information is necessary when performing audit of your computer or server. So to save these objects is necessary because these events are needed when monitoring your server log.

To save security logs.

Go to Start --> Run --> compmgmt.msc

Select event viewer

Select security --> right click --> select "save security log file as"

Give the name and the path of the file to save

Click OK

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"The initial program cannot be started" error message

"The initial program cannot be started" error message

When using Remote Desktop connections sometimes users get an error message stating "The initial program cannot be started". This is a server side problem in Remote Desktop environment and is caused due to the missing file or program which was required to be started when initiating a remote desktop connection.

The Server Administrator many times define a file or program that they want must be started when the client initiates a Remote Desktop Connection.If the path of the file or program is wrong the above message will occur. So better if you check the settings of your terminal server on the server side.

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Performing Network Assessment before voip deployment

Network Assessment before voip deployment

Many troubles are faced by system engineers when they integrate VOIP into the existing IT infrastructure. The basic trouble goes into finding whether the current IT or Network infra is compatible with VOIP deployment. Believe me, never always system integrators are right. Mostly some parts of the network are left without being analyzed, and the VOIP deployment is done, which is of course not perfect.

Fluke Networks has come up with NetAlly Voip Assessment Software version 7, which performs the task of analyzing the current network infrastructure before any Voip deployment and gives details regarding the networks assessment done.

NetAlly Voip Assessment Software Official Site

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Zoom Images in Firefox

Theirs a plugin in FireFox which has changed the way I search images. The name of the plugin is Image Zoom. This plugin has an outstanding capability of zooming images right from the browser. Not only it zoom in and zoom out an image but the browsing experience it provides while checking images is awesome , I highly recommend this plugin go ahead, download and install it now.

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Publish to Twitter automatically from your Wordpress blog

Publish to Twitter automatically from your Wordpress blog

Every blogger wants to publish his post on twitter and want them to go viral. The process of publishing of new blog posts on twitter can become automatic with a Wordpress plugin. This plugin is easy to install and cleanly integrates with your wordpress blog. To publish the blog post just you have to check a checkbox and that's it your post will be automatically published on twitter by shortening them via url shortening service.

WordPress to Twitter Plugin

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Adding Digg Stories to your Website

How to Add Digg Stories to your Website ?

If you want the current digg stories to be embedded directly into your website. Their is a gadget on google gadgets which may help you out. To install this gadget, just get and add the code of the gadget on the web page where you want the digg stories to appear.

Download the Google Gadget for Digg here.

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“Your system is low on virtual memory” error message

How to fix “Your system is low on virtual memory” error message

The solution to “Your system is low on virtual memory” error message is very simple only what one need to do is to increase the systems virtual memory or pagefile. This can be done by following simple steps by step by step procedure given below.

  1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
  2. In the System Properties dialog box, click Advanced
  3. Click Performance Options.
  4. In the Virtual memory pane, click Change to increase the paging file.
  5. After you change the setting, click Set, and then click OK.
  6. The changes you have made require you to restart your computer before they can take effect.
  7. When you are prompted to restart your computer, click Yes.
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Using Social Bookmarking to increase blog traffic

Using Social Bookmarking to increase blog traffic

Social Bookmarking is one of the most used method to build blog traffic. Its Free, easy to use and it works. Today I will be discussing various methods to promote your blog on social bookmarking websites and get traffic from them.

Why use social bookmarking sites to get blog traffic ?

The answer is "What's the reason for not using them? ". These sites get great traffic from around the world. People in search of good articles or tutorials come to social bookmarking sites directly or via search engines. Why not give these people "what they are finding", why not write some effective articles or tutorials which are in demand on our blog and just bookmark them, why not break a news online from our blog and bookmark it. The Question is "WHY NOT", and the answer is who is gonna trust you, who is gonna read an article or tutorial of a newcomer's blog. Now the Question has become "WHO IS GONNA", and the answer is , if you are good and write effectively, everybody is gonna trust you and read you, thus increasing your blog traffic.

Will my blog receive "huge" traffic from these social bookmarking sites?

NO, you wont be receiving "huge" traffic for your blog, unless you are being bookmarked by a huge number of fans, and that's a truth. Now the question is "HOW DO I GET "HUGE" NUMBER OF FANS OR BLOG READERS". And the answer is simple "social bookmarking". These sites are full of hungry readers for your blog, every time you bookmark your post you will find a small increase in your blog readership or following. That's not a direct traffic but an indirect traffic which can of course lead your blog to get huge direct traffic. This could be a slow process and some times its very annoying but it will work for long term, if you really serious to increase your blog traffic plus your blog readers.

How to use Social bookmarking effectively ?

Some people don't use these bookmarking sites effectively. Those who are not having a lot of blog readers need to use social bookmarking very effectively to increase blog traffic . The only method to implement an effective social bookmarking strategy is by writing very good content and bookmarking them in the right category. Writing good or new content is the best way to make yourself visible on these sites. And after getting visibility theirs not lot to be done, you get instant readers and good targeted traffic.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Build Blog Traffic using 5 quick tips

Build blog traffic using 5 quick tips

Today I want to discuss 5 quick tips to build traffic for a blog. These techniques or strategies are absolutely free to use and also provide a huge stream of traffic to your blog.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #1

Social Bookmarking - Social Bookmarking is an awesome method to increase traffic to a blog. With social bookmarking one can easily make his blog visible to others and get free traffic.This strategy works for every one, but social bookmarking must be followed as a practice and must be followed properly if you need huge amount of traffic flowing to your blog. To implement this strategy not much has to be done just implement a bookmark plug in on your blog which is available for free and that's it. If your blog already has some readership or traffic you will see your blog being bookmarked by your reader to major social bookmarking websites like digg and stumbleupon. Bookmarking of your blog to social bookmarking sites will lead to more users on these bookmarking sites to know about your blog, thus they will either bookmark you or become your blog readers in turn giving you traffic again.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #2

Blog Comments - This is a proven way to get good quality targeted traffic to your blog. Always comment on other blogs as much as possible and always comment as good as possible because blog commenting provide you more visibility(try to comment on established blogs). This visibility could be wasted if you are not commenting properly, ie whenever you comment on any blog always comment as long as possible and as much specific to the topic you can be. This will of course give your blog a lot more visibility and a lot more traffic than before.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #3

Forum Marketing - Forum marketing is a great tool to get huge blog traffic, because you find like minded people in forums who can turn into targeted traffic for your blog. So creating a good forum profile in order to get huge blog traffic is not a bad idea. The rule of writing better blog comments applies here too and always try to write something useful in forums. Writing helpful topics in a forums creates a good profile giving you good visibility and thus increasing your blog traffic. A point to be noted down here is that a forum is run by humans , so don't spam it or you will be banned or your ip will be banned, because these forum guys hardly care about web traffic.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #4

Article Marketing - Some people will agree to me that article marketing works and some don't but let me tell you that article marketing does work if done properly and can provide huge traffic to your blog. If you are ignoring article marketing to get blog traffic then let me tell you that these article sites have a very high page rank in google and of course which your blog needs. Writing an effective article in these article directories can get your article and blog to the first page of google without much effort thus indirectly giving your blog some traffic.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #5

YouTube Marketing - Really effective method to get huge traffic to the blog but doesn't works for everyone. Uploading Videos on YouTube and sharing it with the world can get you a huge traffic if any of your video get a lot of hits. One really needs to know some good marketing strategy before going for YouTube marketing because many people who try never get more than 100 views annually. Some blogs who deal in categories like movies or TV show this marketing strategy to get blog traffic is a must, other must also try it but not make it the main stream marketing strategy for building traffic for your blog.

Increase Twitter Followers with Increase Retweet

Increase Twitter Followers with retweet

In this article we will be discussing about the benefits of retweet in twitter and how retweet can be used to increase twitter followers.

Every one wants to be visible online everyone wants their tweet and posts to be viral on twitter. But only few big guys or some big news are able to make this big on twitter. But what is the meaning of making big on twitter. Their is only one meaning to making big on twitter and that is a question " How to use twitter to increase followers ".

Their are 2 categories of people who are currently involved in finding the answer of increasing twitter followers first category is of those people who are already successful are having a huge following on twitter and they have no interest to increase their twitter followers and second category is of those people who are having a very small twitter following and want to find an effective way to increase them.

Now I want to bring to your notice, people having few followers on twitter are also divided into two categories the first category is of those who retweet and the second is of those who don't retweet.

Those who retweet are again divided in two categories first using twitter only to retweet in order to get an increase in their twitter following by those, who's tweet they are retweeting and the second category is of those who are retweeting in order to build a better twitter profile, which can lead them to a increase in their followers.

Retweet can increase the visibility of your profile because when you retweet you are also communicating with the people who tweeted the original post. With your retweets you are taking the full advantage of viral power of twitter and of course building a good twitter profile both of which can lead to increase in your twitter profile visibility and followers. Lets see how -
  • Viral Power of twitter with retweet- when anyone tweets , and someone retweet his tweet, than the person who tweeted the post is benefited because the followers of the one who is retweeting are actually getting to know about the tweet, thus it leads to increase in his profile visibility for the one who tweeted the post and eventually leads to an increase in his twitter followers.

  • Building better twitter profile with retweet - the person who retweet gets the benefit of building a good profile because people on twitter like to follow those, who tweet about the topic they like. With a good profile the retweet guy gets a good chance to increase his twitter followers not only directly but also indirectly because the more targeted followers he gets on twitter the better chance of his tweet to get a retweet , thus again giving him more targeted followers.

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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Create Custom Emotions for yahoo messenger

How to create custom emotions for yahoo messenger

Creating customized emotions or emotes or emoticons for yahoo messenger is a very easy process. First let me start this topic by describing what are emotions?

Emotions, the word speaks itself. Emotions are text or graphic images used in order to send a message to your friend just explaining them your current state of mind.

Yahoo messenger is full of emotions and also gives you the ability to create more customized emotions.

How to create yahoo emotions ?
All emotions of yahoo messenger are stored in a file called emote.dat . This file contains all emotions one entry per line. The path of this file is "c:\program files\yahoo!\messenger\emote_user.dat". If you are unable to find this file with this path just search your computer with the file name and open emote.dat in notepad.

The format of emotions in this file is given below -

Title\ What the emote will say by itself\ What it will say when it interacts with another user

Just edit the file as you need and restart yahoo messenger you will have all your custom emotes inbuilt your yahoo messenger.

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Autosave not working in blogger

Why Autosave is not working in blogger

Before getting in detail you must know what is autosave. When you create a post in, before publishing it you do save it , what if your browser corrupts in the middle of editing or power goes off. At this time a feature called autosave comes into play which automatically saves your post on the server.

Many times bloggers face problems -

autosave feature is not working
blogger autosave is corrupted
autosave not saving
autosave gone bad

Their is only a simple solution to this problem. Just check out that you are connected to the network and you are not editing a post that's already published.

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How to check feed size

Feedburner doesn't supports burning feed more than 512 KB at this time. Burning feed more than 512 KB can will lead to feedburner not updating your feed. That leads to a question "how to tell the size of your feed ?" is the solution to this answer. With this tool just type the address of your feed in the text box and press Submit. This tool will show you the size of your feed along with your feed details.

Send Fax Using Skype

How to send Fax using Skype

Pamfax is a software for windows and MAC OS which enables you to send fax using your skype account. The software is very handy, easy to download and install. The best part about Pamfax is it is free to use, but sending fax with this software using skype service just need few pennies.

Some Features of Pamfax are -

  • It supports multiple file formats to be faxed
  • You can fax multiple file at once
  • send multiple files fax merged into a single file
  • tightly integrated with MS office 2003 and 2007
  • additional toolbar is embedded in Ms office suit products to fax from the current document
  • send fax to one or multiple recipients
  • integration with google map show all recipients on maps
  • fax cover page selection
  • fax notification like skype chat , sms , email
  • pre payment and post payment option available
  • software available in different languages

pamfax send fax via skype
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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Windows 7 is much more than graphics

According to me, Windows 7 the latest operating system from Microsoft will stand out to be a major performer in the desktop client operating system market. Till yet we have seen a lot of operating systems of Microsoft. We have also witnessed a lot of hype in the market about Microsoft operating systems every time a new operating system is launched. Do you remember the launch of Windows XP, the launch of Windows Vista and now of course you are witnessing the launch of Windows 7.

Being a technology enthusiast and a System Engineer I study a lot about operating systems. I don't know why everyone today is just busy blogging and telling people about Windows 7. Their are only graphics is this OS and nothing else. Don't you think so ?

If yes then you are wrong Windows 7 is much more than graphics. I don't say this because I am a big supporter of Microsoft, but yes as an engineer I will of course appreciate the effort made by Microsoft in creating this operating system. This OS is not only about graphics "Loud and Clear".

Let me give you an example, if you are a tech geek you will understand it quiet easily. Just the Technology VPN has been revived in a manner in Windows 7 operating system with the integration of Windows 2008 server that it could change the way we look at VPN. I won't speak much but in future if the word VPN is completely gone from Microsoft Operating System than it won't be a surprise for me.

Not many times we see Microsoft innovative. We know Microsoft because of the copy cat behaviour of their business. Yes Windows 7 is something which is making us , at least me to restructure the image of Microsoft in my mind. Microsoft is innovating not in some but in many technologies.

The open source lovers may find this article as something very weird and the writer a crazy person. Yes this is also a truth that how much good a paid technology could be on the other side people and companies trying to lower their cost, do go for the free versions. But as you know that Microsoft operating system dominates the client side OS, I think this time it will much easier for Microsoft.

Friday, 1 May 2009

open .xls spreadsheet files without using excel

open .xls spreadsheet files without using excel

How to open .xls files , when you don't have Ms excel installed on your computer. There is a easy and a better way and free too, to access your spreadsheets without installing Ms-excel. I prefer to either use Google Docs or Zohosheet , when I don't have ms excel installed.

Both these services are free to use , but zohosheet do charge if you use it for a corporate account but its free for indivisuals. With these services you are able to access office online which helps you not only creating a document but also sharing it with your friends.

Anytime if you don't have ms excel installed on your system do give these services a try. It also provides you an extra level of security because these services require your username and password for login and accessing the required spreadsheet or any other document.

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Backup Browser Cookies

Backup Browser Cookies

Recently someone asked me what are cookies, I gave him a full hundred page explanation from browser login sessions to writing cookies. The next question that guy asked me "How to backup browser cookies", and I want to share my answer with you all.

Browser cookies can be backed up by the use of a software called CookieMonster. This tool doesn't only help in backup of browser cookies but also is useful in managing them like saving or deleting specific cookies for future use. One more wonderful thing about this tool is that it can be use as a cookie backup tool for Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox , Chrome, Opera and Netscape.

How to Backup Browser Cookies

Download Cookiemonster
Execute the Application
Select the Cookies that you want to save
Select Refresh List Drop down menu
Select Export

Backup of cookies of any above defined browser can be done with few mouse clicks.

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Synchronize Google Calender With Outlook

Synchronize Google Calender With Outlook

If you have used Microsoft Outlook Calenders, then you must be already knowing what are the uses of a calender. You better would be knowing the benefits of using Ms outlook calender in your organization. Google Calender is a way to schedule your time online and that too for free.

People who use Ms Outlook calender and google calender both want to find a better way to synchronize both the calenders. This synchronization is possible. This means that after google and outlook sync all the schedules between these calenders will be synchronized. And you can access any calender either on your PC or internet.

Their are 2 ways to Sync google calender with Outlook

Manual method to sync

  • First you need to export the calender in to .ics format. google calender will export files in zipped format,
  • extract them Go to outlook
  • File --> Import --> Select "Import icalender or vCalender file" , select the"ics" file, it will import all the schedules to your calender.

Automatic Method to Sync

  • Download this software
  • Install the download software
  • Give your google username, password
  • Set the option whether you want one way or both way sync
  • Set the Sync interval
  • Its done, now you can switch off or on the tool from your Windows Taskbar.

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Windows XP vs Windows 7

Windows XP vs Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft but still the major market share is ruled by Windows XP. Windows XP which was till yet dominating the Client Operating System Market was given a push back by Microsoft Windows Vista. As Windows Vista was not a major success in the market,that's why Microsoft is bought a new OS Windows 7.

Although their could be thousand of differences between Windows XP and Windows 7. I found some major differences between both the operating system which are listed below.

Differences between Windows XP and Windows 7

1. One of the major difference between both the operating system is User Access Control. Where Windows XP doesn't have any UAC on other side Windows 7 enables the UAC feature which was introduced in Windows Vista.

2. Windows 7 supports DirectX 11 where Windows XP support Directx 9.

3. One major difference is regarding the graphics , where Windows XP lacks them on other hand Windows 7 is known for its visual appearance.

4. Their is a difference in speed of both the operating system where Windows 7 boots quicker than Windows XP

5. Networking features like Direct access and VPN reconnect which were not available in Windows XP but are introduced in Windows 7 also adds a point to this list of differences between Windows XP and Windows 7.

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Facebook phishing attack

Facebook phishing attack

Facebook the biggest social networking site is facing a phishing attack these days. Facebook stopped a phishing attack on Thursday which was said to be carried out with the name of On Wednesday the phishing attack was carried out by a name of These attacks are made in order to steal personal information of the users. The method of attacking is of classic nature. The attack is spread within the site via a Worm which unsuspectingly sends a message to the member from his friend to "check this out" and includes a link to the phishing site.

When the link is clicked the users are asked for their facebook login information and when the member types his user name and password is account details are stolen and a same message is send to the infected member friends.

To protect this phishing scam facebook has told its members that always use as the url for login and after logging in the website will never ask for a relogin.

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