Thursday, 14 May 2009

How to Connect a Remote Computer to Manage Remotely

How to Connect a Remote Computer to Manage Remotely

System Administrator or Computer Operators need to connect to remote computers running Windows to manage them. Connecting to a computer remotely saves time of the computer operator. Managing Computer remotely can also be a nice trick for some guys.

The process I am going to explain not only connect a remote computer to your local computer but also allows you to manage various services like event viewer, shared folders, users and groups, performance logs and alerts, device manager, disk defragmentation and start or stop any service remotely. Lets see how this is done -

Go to Start --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management

In Computer Management Select "Action" from the menu bar and select "Connect to another computer"

Type the IP address of the remote computer you want to manage and select O.K

Now you are connected to a remote computer via computer management tool locally.

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Anonymous said...

There is a wide variety of free and paid remote control softwareout there that makes this process easy and secure for anyone. The key difference between this kind of software and that which comes stock on the OSs is that it is more robust, and comes with additional features, such as screen recording and accessing multiple machines.

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