Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Build Blog Traffic using 5 quick tips

Build blog traffic using 5 quick tips

Today I want to discuss 5 quick tips to build traffic for a blog. These techniques or strategies are absolutely free to use and also provide a huge stream of traffic to your blog.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #1

Social Bookmarking - Social Bookmarking is an awesome method to increase traffic to a blog. With social bookmarking one can easily make his blog visible to others and get free traffic.This strategy works for every one, but social bookmarking must be followed as a practice and must be followed properly if you need huge amount of traffic flowing to your blog. To implement this strategy not much has to be done just implement a bookmark plug in on your blog which is available for free and that's it. If your blog already has some readership or traffic you will see your blog being bookmarked by your reader to major social bookmarking websites like digg and stumbleupon. Bookmarking of your blog to social bookmarking sites will lead to more users on these bookmarking sites to know about your blog, thus they will either bookmark you or become your blog readers in turn giving you traffic again.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #2

Blog Comments - This is a proven way to get good quality targeted traffic to your blog. Always comment on other blogs as much as possible and always comment as good as possible because blog commenting provide you more visibility(try to comment on established blogs). This visibility could be wasted if you are not commenting properly, ie whenever you comment on any blog always comment as long as possible and as much specific to the topic you can be. This will of course give your blog a lot more visibility and a lot more traffic than before.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #3

Forum Marketing - Forum marketing is a great tool to get huge blog traffic, because you find like minded people in forums who can turn into targeted traffic for your blog. So creating a good forum profile in order to get huge blog traffic is not a bad idea. The rule of writing better blog comments applies here too and always try to write something useful in forums. Writing helpful topics in a forums creates a good profile giving you good visibility and thus increasing your blog traffic. A point to be noted down here is that a forum is run by humans , so don't spam it or you will be banned or your ip will be banned, because these forum guys hardly care about web traffic.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #4

Article Marketing - Some people will agree to me that article marketing works and some don't but let me tell you that article marketing does work if done properly and can provide huge traffic to your blog. If you are ignoring article marketing to get blog traffic then let me tell you that these article sites have a very high page rank in google and of course which your blog needs. Writing an effective article in these article directories can get your article and blog to the first page of google without much effort thus indirectly giving your blog some traffic.

Build Blog Traffic Tip #5

YouTube Marketing - Really effective method to get huge traffic to the blog but doesn't works for everyone. Uploading Videos on YouTube and sharing it with the world can get you a huge traffic if any of your video get a lot of hits. One really needs to know some good marketing strategy before going for YouTube marketing because many people who try never get more than 100 views annually. Some blogs who deal in categories like movies or TV show this marketing strategy to get blog traffic is a must, other must also try it but not make it the main stream marketing strategy for building traffic for your blog.


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