Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Auto Follow Twitter Followers

How to auto follow your twitter followers ?

Following your followers in twitter is done by many people. This following practice helps them build better social networking of their own. But to follow each and every followers is very practically impossible in twitter if you are having a large number of followers. So how to auto this task of auto follow twitter followers.

There's a service called tweetlater which enables a user to auto the above mentioned task. Tweetlater comes in both paid and free versions but the " auto follow twitter followers " service is enabled in both the versions.

When you create an account in Tweetlate please remember to check the auto follow check box, then you will be able to auto follow your followers in twitter. Very nice tool - must for lazy people.


Quakeboy said...

Hey this is cool.. Very handy for me for my future plans.. but I guess enabling this will invite a lot of spam too..

Jay said...

Quakeboy - you are right thats why tweetlate has implemented a policy in which if implemented they interrupt the autofollow process for 72 hours giving the user complete right to manually accept following. (semi auto follow)

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