Friday, 1 May 2009

Backup Browser Cookies

Backup Browser Cookies

Recently someone asked me what are cookies, I gave him a full hundred page explanation from browser login sessions to writing cookies. The next question that guy asked me "How to backup browser cookies", and I want to share my answer with you all.

Browser cookies can be backed up by the use of a software called CookieMonster. This tool doesn't only help in backup of browser cookies but also is useful in managing them like saving or deleting specific cookies for future use. One more wonderful thing about this tool is that it can be use as a cookie backup tool for Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox , Chrome, Opera and Netscape.

How to Backup Browser Cookies

Download Cookiemonster
Execute the Application
Select the Cookies that you want to save
Select Refresh List Drop down menu
Select Export

Backup of cookies of any above defined browser can be done with few mouse clicks.

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