Friday, 1 May 2009

Facebook phishing attack

Facebook phishing attack

Facebook the biggest social networking site is facing a phishing attack these days. Facebook stopped a phishing attack on Thursday which was said to be carried out with the name of On Wednesday the phishing attack was carried out by a name of These attacks are made in order to steal personal information of the users. The method of attacking is of classic nature. The attack is spread within the site via a Worm which unsuspectingly sends a message to the member from his friend to "check this out" and includes a link to the phishing site.

When the link is clicked the users are asked for their facebook login information and when the member types his user name and password is account details are stolen and a same message is send to the infected member friends.

To protect this phishing scam facebook has told its members that always use as the url for login and after logging in the website will never ask for a relogin.

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