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Yahoo Search Monkey - What is Yahoo Search Monkey ?

Yahoo Search Monkey

What is Yahoo Search Monkey?

Yahoo Search Monkey is an open platform service by Yahoo to provide enhanced search results by Yahoo Search. Yahoo search results were till now displayed in a classic manner, but now these search results can be modified by Site Owners, Developers and Users together.

Below you can see the search results for a particular search term "how to play a guitar", in yahoo classic search.

without Yahoo Search Monkey

This a a result of a classic search by yahoo.

Now if we searched again the same term by utilizing the applications of Yahoo Search Monkey. The output is as follows :-

With Yahoo Search Monkey

Note the difference between both the searches, in the second search enabled by search monkey applications their is a infobar below every search redefining the search in an enhanced way.

These applications are called Yahoo Search Monkey Apps or applications and can be discovered at the Yahoo Search Gallery which is currently in the BETA version. Adding and removing these applications is easy but you need a valid yahoo account in order to fully utilize these applications.

The most famous famous application till date are as follows:-

StumbleUpon --> This application allows user to see , a website review and rating on stumbleupon
Flickr --> includes photos from Flickr if any
Feed Discovery --> Extracts Posts from the Feeds
deliciousify --> enables meta tags from delicious
IMDB Infobar --> provides information regarding a movie if any

These applications comes in 2 formats enhanced and infobar both type of applications can be dicovered by going on the view options of the Yahoo Search Gallery.

How Yahoo Search Monkey Works?

The Yahoo Search Monkey Platform is driven by 3 types of users - Website Owner, Developer, User.

Website Owner --> The people who own a website or a blog
Developer --> People who want to provide some service from the information they recieved from Website Owners
Users --> People who enjoy this platform for searching

Website Owner and Yahoo Search Monkey

The Website owners can submit there website to Yahoo Site Explorer and the rest of the work will be done by Yahoo. The Websites owners must submit their website to Yahoo Crawler in the following format to take full advantages of the Yahoo Search Monkey Platform:-

1.) XML- Based Atom Feed - more information regarding XML- Based Atom Feed
2.) eRDF/RDFa Markup - more information regarding eRDF/RDFa Markup
3.) Microformats - more information regarding Microformats
4.) OpenSearch - more information regarding OpenSearch
5.) Custom Data Services - more information regarding Custom Data Services

Now after sharing the data with the above given formats the Website Owners can also work as developers and create some application which will provide information regarding their shared data right from the Yahoo Search. Please Note that in order for a user to use your application while searching, the user should add your application in his Yahoo Search Gallery. This task can also be accomplished by adding an Yahoo Search Monkey Application Button on your Website.

Developers and Yahoo Search Monkey

Yahoo Search Monkey can be utilized by developers in order to create custom application of their website called data service. These applications are created on the data submitted by the Website Owners. For eg. StumbleUpon and Feed Discovery Applications of Yahoo Search Monkey utilizes the data submitted by the Website owners and output the data as programmed by the developers.

More information - Yahoo Search Monkey Developers Guide


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