Sunday, 3 May 2009

Create Custom Emotions for yahoo messenger

How to create custom emotions for yahoo messenger

Creating customized emotions or emotes or emoticons for yahoo messenger is a very easy process. First let me start this topic by describing what are emotions?

Emotions, the word speaks itself. Emotions are text or graphic images used in order to send a message to your friend just explaining them your current state of mind.

Yahoo messenger is full of emotions and also gives you the ability to create more customized emotions.

How to create yahoo emotions ?
All emotions of yahoo messenger are stored in a file called emote.dat . This file contains all emotions one entry per line. The path of this file is "c:\program files\yahoo!\messenger\emote_user.dat". If you are unable to find this file with this path just search your computer with the file name and open emote.dat in notepad.

The format of emotions in this file is given below -

Title\ What the emote will say by itself\ What it will say when it interacts with another user

Just edit the file as you need and restart yahoo messenger you will have all your custom emotes inbuilt your yahoo messenger.

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