Friday, 10 April 2009

How to Create a Webslice

How to create a WebSlice?

Internet Explorer 8 introduces a new feature called webslice, which enables a user see updated information of a web page without leaving that web page. Creating a Webslice is currently not known to a lot of Web Developers. I have created a post which contains a list of links explaining , how to create a webslice for your website.

Creating a webslice:-

Write a WebSlice for Wordpress blogs

How to Webslice your Website

How to create a WebSlice

Adding a WebSlice in a WordPress Site

Creating a Dynamic WebSlice

Internet Explorer 8 - How to add Webslice for WordPress

Creating your own WebSlice

Creating a Basic WebSlice for Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft - WebSlice Style Guide

Activities and Webslices in Internet Explorer 8

How to Create a Webslice from RSS

Turn your RSS Feeds into WebSlices


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