Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BitsCast Rss Reader Review

Bitscast RSS Reader / News Reader Review

BitsCast is a free to use RSS Reader. Recently I downloaded it from here and want to share my experience with you.

When I downloaded and installed, I thought that I again have to go through the process of adding the Feeds of my Subscriptions or importing them, but a good news for Lazy people like me, this reader comes with a lot of your favorite subscriptions inbuilt like Yahoo, Youtube, CBS, CodeGuru, Cnet , BBC, CNN, PCWorld, Business Week, MSDN and many more..

BitsCast RSS Reader(Click the image to see much clear preview)

With all these subscriptions added, this software also have some good settings which make it different from other similar softwares.

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Settings)

1.) One Option which I like about this reader is a Proxy client which is actually absent in most of the RSS Reader. This option gives me the ability to implement this software in an organization were proxy authentication is required for internet access. Some people have quite problems with implementing software inside an organization where proxy is required for internet, all of you please note down BitsCast.

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Proxy Feature)

2.) Another Feature that I liked about this software was email client. Yes you read it right, this software also provides an email client which can be used to send any web page link to your friend as email, like you normally do in your browser. All you have to do is to configure SMTP settings in BitsCast.

Its good for those who are regular in mailing links while browsing to their friends.

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Email Configuration)

BitsCast RSS Reader(Sending Emails in BitsCast)

3.) Last but not the least this software also contains a bit torrent client, but it's not as powerful as utorrent , bittorrent , etc..

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Bittorrent Client)

The best thing I liked about this software is that, whenever I had used an RSS reader before, it alway has given me some problems while opening the URL's in its browser. While using Bitscast, I didn't got any error like this till yet, will be blogging about any error if received.

BitsCast RSS Reader(Watching Youtube in BitsCast)


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