Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Increase Twitter Followers with Increase Retweet

Increase Twitter Followers with retweet

In this article we will be discussing about the benefits of retweet in twitter and how retweet can be used to increase twitter followers.

Every one wants to be visible online everyone wants their tweet and posts to be viral on twitter. But only few big guys or some big news are able to make this big on twitter. But what is the meaning of making big on twitter. Their is only one meaning to making big on twitter and that is a question " How to use twitter to increase followers ".

Their are 2 categories of people who are currently involved in finding the answer of increasing twitter followers first category is of those people who are already successful are having a huge following on twitter and they have no interest to increase their twitter followers and second category is of those people who are having a very small twitter following and want to find an effective way to increase them.

Now I want to bring to your notice, people having few followers on twitter are also divided into two categories the first category is of those who retweet and the second is of those who don't retweet.

Those who retweet are again divided in two categories first using twitter only to retweet in order to get an increase in their twitter following by those, who's tweet they are retweeting and the second category is of those who are retweeting in order to build a better twitter profile, which can lead them to a increase in their followers.

Retweet can increase the visibility of your profile because when you retweet you are also communicating with the people who tweeted the original post. With your retweets you are taking the full advantage of viral power of twitter and of course building a good twitter profile both of which can lead to increase in your twitter profile visibility and followers. Lets see how -
  • Viral Power of twitter with retweet- when anyone tweets , and someone retweet his tweet, than the person who tweeted the post is benefited because the followers of the one who is retweeting are actually getting to know about the tweet, thus it leads to increase in his profile visibility for the one who tweeted the post and eventually leads to an increase in his twitter followers.

  • Building better twitter profile with retweet - the person who retweet gets the benefit of building a good profile because people on twitter like to follow those, who tweet about the topic they like. With a good profile the retweet guy gets a good chance to increase his twitter followers not only directly but also indirectly because the more targeted followers he gets on twitter the better chance of his tweet to get a retweet , thus again giving him more targeted followers.

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