Saturday, 16 May 2009

Automatic Device Discovery - Network Monitoring Tool

Tool which automatic discover device on network

The network monitoring tool about which I want to speak today is OpManager by ManageEngine. This tool helps system and network administrators to monitor their network effectively. One good feature that I liked about this tool was its automatic device discovery feature. With the use of the automatic device discover feature an admin can search for all active devices on a particular IP subnet.


A Point to note here is that, with OpManager you can discover a single device , multiple devices from an IP subnet or import devices in the form of a CSV file by determining the IP addresses in the CSV file.

This network monitoring tool is Multi platform and can be installed either on Windows or Linux. A feature which I know that you won't like about this tool is that its free only to monitor 10 computer and if you want more out of it , its gonna cost you a bit. But atleast you can automatic discover 10 computer or devices for free and monitor them effectively. Good if you have a small organization.


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