Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mobile Blogging with Blogger

Mobile Blogging with Blogger introduces mobile blogging right on the users dashboard. Any user in order to blog via mobile now only needs to enable mobile blogging in the blogger's dashboard. The mobile blogging option is quite traceable.

How to enable Mobile Blogging ?

To enable mobile blogging from blogger a user first need to logon , reach his blogger dashboard, above every blog he will now find a new icon specifying a mobile. Clicking that phone icon will show the user his claim code. Claim code is a series of digits which a user should send back to via SMS {BLOGGR (256447).

The phone used to send the claim code will be associated with the blog by and then that phone can be used to post - blog posts to your blog directly via SMS or MMS.

Please note:- The date I did this post, the mobile blogging service was only available in USA.

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