Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Block Flash in Firefox

How to Block Flash in Firefox ?

If you want to block flash movies in your firefox web browser, all you need is a firefox plugin or addon known as flashblock. Some times it becomes very hard for us to navigate a website whether its internet explorer, safari, chrome, flock or firefox because of the flash videos steaming all around us. With all these flash movies , its tough to not only navigate the web but also it takes a lot of bandwidth. So the only solution to these unneccessary flash movies playing in a website is to block them.

To block or stop these flash movies has become very easy with the use of flashblock addon in Firefox. With the help of flashblock, a user can easily block or stop the flash videos or movies playing around him. And if he want to play that movie , he doesn't needs to disable the flashblock addon all he has to do is to click on the movie and that's it.


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