Saturday, 16 May 2009

Unable to install Windows Vista SP1 ( Service Pack 1 )

Are you not able to upgrade to Windows Vista SP1

Windows Vista SP1 ( Service Pack 1 ) has been released is a story now. I have seen many guys not able to upgrade or install Windows Vista SP1. These admins face a lot of problems when installing SP1. I have listed out some reasons why these guys are facing such trouble when installing Windows Vista SP1.

  1. Disk Space Requirement
  2. The administrators must know the disk space requirements when installing the service pack.

    The disk requirements for SP1 depend on what method you use to install SP1.

    Installation methodRequired disk space

    Windows Update

    x86-based: 1,200 MB

    x64-based: 1,500 MB

    Downloading SP1 from the Microsoft website

    x86-based: 2,500 MB to 5,450 MB

    x64-based: 4,100 MB to 7,850 MB

    Integrated installation

    15 GB

  3. Check that no USB device is plugged into the system
  4. No service pack has been installed earlier into the system
  5. Laptop performing installation must be connected to AC Power
  6. Insure your system doesn't have any corrupted file. Check it with chkdsk.exe
  7. Be a pro and try not to install Windows Vista SP1 on a different OS like XP, 2003 , 95 and even on Linux.


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