Friday, 24 April 2009

How to get more Twitter followers

How to get more Twitter followers

How to get more twitter followers is one of the biggest question on internet. On any social networking blogs or forums you will see a post related to the topic of how to get more twitter followers.

Before moving ahead let me first discuss with you what is Twitter? Twitter is an amazing social networking website better known as a micro blogging website which gives you an ability to blog about yourself or what are you currently doing in mere few words. Now how is this Twitter micro blogging useful. Many beginners do think that micro blogging sites like twitter are only useful for those who are already having a big blog. And these guys don't even try using twitter. Some other cases of beginners - spam twitter, and that's bad.

In order to get more followers on twitter, use Twitter as it is, Why ? - because people like me and you do know what is social network marketing, and I bet more than half of the world must not have even heard of this term. When this part of world take a look at your tweets something like " Get more twitter followers " a hundred times in a row. It's of course they are going to consider you as a spammer even if you are a beginner and don't know anything about spam.

How to use twitter?

As I said earlier use twitter the service as it is. Do not try to spam it. Otherwise you are doing nothing except making loses for you. Getting more followers on twitter is same like you want to get more friends in this world. In between whom trust is very important. So consider making your profile so that everyone could trust you. I have seen many people on twitter making a profile with a beautiful girls photo as their profiles image and getting thousands of followers.

Just think, do this strategy will work in long run. If you are an internet marketeer than of course not. Like a beautiful dumb sales girl you would be able to sell some product instantly to some foolish guys but everybody is not a fool.

Just imagine this possibility that you have a technology or any social networking blog and you promote yourself on twitter in order to get more followers with the above mentioned wrong techniques. What if any established blogger with a good reputation wrote about you and your wrong techniques which you used in order to gain more twitter followers. His readers will immediately react and if some of them re-posted the same topic and then their readers re-posted it again and then again and then again - you are gone.

What if you were having a good profile in twitter with absolutely wonderful tweets and any good professional blogger noticed you and wrote about you or your blog in his blog post. Then that post could be rewritten be his readers and then by their reader and so on. Just imagine the readers and followers you could be having on your blog.

Getting more twitter followers is exactly like getting more blog readers , the funda is same but method is different. I appreciate those persons in twitter who are consistent in their tweets ie. they keep posting a lot of content about a same topic. I like to follow those people in twitter. But many people like to follow those who write about different topics. Through out the conversation you can get that someone is following other for a reason. Its up to you what kinda followers you need, so create you profile accordingly and tweet accordingly.

So in order to get more followers on twitter just keep posting as much as good content as you can.

Another method which you could follow in order to get more followers from twitter is to follow and reply other people on twitter. This is a very effective technique in building strong relationships with good established bloggers. These guys keep posting some nice tweets in their twitter profile. What you need to do is to say a hello to these guys and communicate with them. Please don't just say thank you for each and every tweet. This is very irritating. You have to build a relationship with these people so you need to talk with them like a professional not like a beginner. And if you are able to impress any established blogger - bang you are on.

But its very tough buddy, we bloggers know you even before you comment.

Follow the above mentioned steps in order to get more twitter followers and you will of course make your blog or website popular and get more followers on Twitter.


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