Thursday, 7 May 2009

Using Social Bookmarking to increase blog traffic

Using Social Bookmarking to increase blog traffic

Social Bookmarking is one of the most used method to build blog traffic. Its Free, easy to use and it works. Today I will be discussing various methods to promote your blog on social bookmarking websites and get traffic from them.

Why use social bookmarking sites to get blog traffic ?

The answer is "What's the reason for not using them? ". These sites get great traffic from around the world. People in search of good articles or tutorials come to social bookmarking sites directly or via search engines. Why not give these people "what they are finding", why not write some effective articles or tutorials which are in demand on our blog and just bookmark them, why not break a news online from our blog and bookmark it. The Question is "WHY NOT", and the answer is who is gonna trust you, who is gonna read an article or tutorial of a newcomer's blog. Now the Question has become "WHO IS GONNA", and the answer is , if you are good and write effectively, everybody is gonna trust you and read you, thus increasing your blog traffic.

Will my blog receive "huge" traffic from these social bookmarking sites?

NO, you wont be receiving "huge" traffic for your blog, unless you are being bookmarked by a huge number of fans, and that's a truth. Now the question is "HOW DO I GET "HUGE" NUMBER OF FANS OR BLOG READERS". And the answer is simple "social bookmarking". These sites are full of hungry readers for your blog, every time you bookmark your post you will find a small increase in your blog readership or following. That's not a direct traffic but an indirect traffic which can of course lead your blog to get huge direct traffic. This could be a slow process and some times its very annoying but it will work for long term, if you really serious to increase your blog traffic plus your blog readers.

How to use Social bookmarking effectively ?

Some people don't use these bookmarking sites effectively. Those who are not having a lot of blog readers need to use social bookmarking very effectively to increase blog traffic . The only method to implement an effective social bookmarking strategy is by writing very good content and bookmarking them in the right category. Writing good or new content is the best way to make yourself visible on these sites. And after getting visibility theirs not lot to be done, you get instant readers and good targeted traffic.


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