Saturday, 2 May 2009

Windows 7 is much more than graphics

According to me, Windows 7 the latest operating system from Microsoft will stand out to be a major performer in the desktop client operating system market. Till yet we have seen a lot of operating systems of Microsoft. We have also witnessed a lot of hype in the market about Microsoft operating systems every time a new operating system is launched. Do you remember the launch of Windows XP, the launch of Windows Vista and now of course you are witnessing the launch of Windows 7.

Being a technology enthusiast and a System Engineer I study a lot about operating systems. I don't know why everyone today is just busy blogging and telling people about Windows 7. Their are only graphics is this OS and nothing else. Don't you think so ?

If yes then you are wrong Windows 7 is much more than graphics. I don't say this because I am a big supporter of Microsoft, but yes as an engineer I will of course appreciate the effort made by Microsoft in creating this operating system. This OS is not only about graphics "Loud and Clear".

Let me give you an example, if you are a tech geek you will understand it quiet easily. Just the Technology VPN has been revived in a manner in Windows 7 operating system with the integration of Windows 2008 server that it could change the way we look at VPN. I won't speak much but in future if the word VPN is completely gone from Microsoft Operating System than it won't be a surprise for me.

Not many times we see Microsoft innovative. We know Microsoft because of the copy cat behaviour of their business. Yes Windows 7 is something which is making us , at least me to restructure the image of Microsoft in my mind. Microsoft is innovating not in some but in many technologies.

The open source lovers may find this article as something very weird and the writer a crazy person. Yes this is also a truth that how much good a paid technology could be on the other side people and companies trying to lower their cost, do go for the free versions. But as you know that Microsoft operating system dominates the client side OS, I think this time it will much easier for Microsoft.


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