Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Macro for Firefox

Want to implement Macros in Firefox ?

Firefox one of the best web browser in the world has an addon known as imacros. This addon is useful to create macro for firefox web browser. If you perform the same tasks again and again in your firefox then you need imacros. With this plugin or addon doing the same repetitive tasks will become easier because with the help of imacros addon you will be able to create a macro on your firefox web browser, which will do the tasks automatically by executing the macro.

What is a macro?

A macro is a script in which some commands are written with the use of which the repetitive tasks in any applications are done by executing the macro. The example of macro will be : suppose you want to fill a form in your web browser repeatedly, you can create a macro for this automatically filling of forms which will reduce your work.

imacros is a Firefox addon and according to best of my knowledge this addon wont work on internet explorer, chrome, safari, flock, etc....


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