Friday, 17 April 2009

How to Attach File More than 10 MB

How to Attach File Larger or Bigger than 10 MB

Attaching files in email is always been a problem with files of bigger size. Any email service provide doesn't have any issues with a file less than 10 MB but any file more than 10 MB cannot be send via them or even with a private mail server(because of bandwidth issue). Any attachment larger than 10 MB now can be send via has now implemented a service by introducing an addon for windows outlook 2007. With the help of this addon for Outlook 2007 the users will now be able o sent any file not only larger than 10 MB but also upto 5 GB.

To avail this service of the user needs to have an account with acrobat and the addon installed on their ms outlook 2007. Without the use of this add on you will not be able to attach any file larger than 10 MB because you are using the bandwidth of in order to achieve your goal.

So now attaching large files is quite easy thanks to Microsoft and


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