Friday, 1 May 2009

open .xls spreadsheet files without using excel

open .xls spreadsheet files without using excel

How to open .xls files , when you don't have Ms excel installed on your computer. There is a easy and a better way and free too, to access your spreadsheets without installing Ms-excel. I prefer to either use Google Docs or Zohosheet , when I don't have ms excel installed.

Both these services are free to use , but zohosheet do charge if you use it for a corporate account but its free for indivisuals. With these services you are able to access office online which helps you not only creating a document but also sharing it with your friends.

Anytime if you don't have ms excel installed on your system do give these services a try. It also provides you an extra level of security because these services require your username and password for login and accessing the required spreadsheet or any other document.

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Alex said...

I have the big "collection" of working excel documents. And one day all files were lost on unknown reason. I asked an advice to my friend. He suggested an one soft blog. I was lucky and saw there a tool, which resolved my trouble and as I understood it can help in your situation too - repair Excel file.

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