Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Access Blocked Websites on wifi

How to access blocked internet websites on wify ?

Many times on an internet wi-fi hotspot , you are not able to access some websites because they are blocked on the wifi. First we must know that why are these websites blocked? As we know that internet is full of bad people who are always trying to access some potential information which can make them rich using black techniques. We as a user don't know about these hacking techniques completely, but many experts do know about them. So these experts block the bad websites on the internet wi-fi hotspot to protect other users. On the other sites many countries or places don't allows a particular site in their region like Skype.

In order to access all websites on internet which are even blocked by your wifi provider. Here's a Free tool called HotSpot Shield. With this software which is free to use you get your communication encrypted and youself hidden from your wifi provider, after which you can view all the blocked online websites easily.

After you install this software, you will get a html link on your desktop. Executing that link will open the application in the web browser.

The only disadvantage of this software is that it contains advertisements , but why to worry for advertisements , because we are now able to access the blocked internet websites online.


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