Thursday, 14 May 2009

How to send a console message from Computer Management Console

Send message from Computer Management Console

Many times we need to send a message to users who are logged on any other remote computer, for some maintenance issues or any thing else. There are many ways for informing a user like net meeting or any other chat software but these software doesn't solve the issue completely. Why? because either the user takes these messages lightly or sometimes doesn't even try to take any message.

So their must be a proper mechanism so that the message sent to the user must flash on his screen, to let him know about any issue.

To sent this kinda warning or information messages you will need to open your computer management console

Go to Start --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management

In Computer Management Select "Action" from the menu bar and select "All tasks" --> "Send Console Messages"

Click "Add"
Type the name of the recipient computer
Click O.K

Type your message in your message box and click send.

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