Thursday, 30 April 2009

Winamp Password Policy Changed

Winamp Password Policy Change

The authentication policy in winamp has undergone some changes because of which now the users will need to have a password between 6-16 characters long. This password as you know is required to access your winamp account. If any user is having a password longer than 16 characters than beware because winamp will send an email to change to password before May 6 2009. If unable to do so your account will be disabled. One more thing that Winamp team clarified was that this password policy change will not affect the accounts at Winamp Forum or Developer Network.

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Automatically Copy Selected Text

Automatically Copy Selected Text

Autocopy - How many times do you need to copy text while you are online, whether you are browsing or you are blogging,whenever you see something nice you want to tweet it or blog about it. How bad experience it can be for anyone to select and copy the text again and again. Autocopy is a a firefox addon or plugin which automatically copies the selected text to clipboard while browsing. Because this is a firefox addon that's why it can not be used offline. I am quite happy with this automatic text copy addon and having fun browsing and copying.

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Design Your Twitter Background

Design Your Twitter Background

Want to get rid of the old twitter background, yep I know that you can select a new background from the settings of your twitter account but what if you were provided some amazing professionally designed twitter backgrounds for free. is currently providing some of its professionally designed twitter backgrounds for absolutely free. You can also purchase twitter background image from for an amount of $100, but I don't think, that people are going to give money to redesign their twitter background.

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Twitter Retweet Tool

Twitter Retweet tool #RT made easy

Twitter Retweet tool

How many time do you face problems in retweeting any tweet from the web. Their are many desktop clients which actually make this entire process of retweeting absolutely easy. But agree or not their are not enough web based client which make the process and experience of retweeting great.

A tool twubs is a well know twitter tool used for many of its features but I like this tool because of the absolutely wonderful retweet function that is embedded into the tool. With this tool, you can retweet any tweet easily but the only condition is that you will have to search for the tweet first by using hash.

In other sense its a tool which enables you to search twitter and retweet those searched tweets.

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Sell stuff on Twitter

Sell stuff on twitter

A service called Tweetmart enables you to sell your stuff right on twitter. The service is absolutely free. All you need is your twitter username and password. Just login to with your twitter credentials and after logging add the item you want to sell. The item and its description will be tweeted to all your twitter followers and if someone is not a member of twitter still he can communicate with you via email. So keep tweeting and keep selling your stuff for free.

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Monday, 27 April 2009

How to increase Squidoo lens PageRank

How to Increase Squidoo Lens Pagerank

Squidoo lenses are the hottest Internet property now. Squidoo lens are said to have a higher PageRank but not every lens has a higher PageRank. Lens PageRank is decided on various factors among which I will be discussing today one of them that is "Good Content".

squidoo seo secret
Squidoo is more than a social networking site , its a site full of good content. That content is written in the form of as lens. The better you write content in your lens the higher your lens PageRank will be. Squidoo not only gives you a place to write your content but it also ranks you lens. Every lens is ranked differently in Squidoo. Their are various ranking factors such as quality of content, updated frequency of content and your squidoo account activity. The more you follow the factors to increase your squidoo lens rank, the better rank your lens will get.

Why to have higher Squidoo lens rank

When your lens in squidoo is ranked higher , that lens is automatically linked on the pages that have a higher page rank. Next, the lens with higher rank get a good visibility and other users mark that lens as their favorite or bookmark that lens or just link to that lens from their blog or lens, again giving your lens a higher PageRank.

So the moral of the story is keep writing good content on your lens and you will see a lot of links coming into your lens giving it a higher PageRank that too for free.

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How to Use Squidoo SEO Tips

How to use squidoo SEO Tips

How to use Squidoo in SEO Strategy ?

Squidoo is a tool which can help in implementing an absolute SEO strategy. Using Squidoo as a part of your SEO marketing strategy can actually get your website a higher PageRank. Higher PageRank with the use of Squidoo is possible because Squidoo itself has a higher PageRank in all Search Engines. Their was a time when this higher PageRank of Squidoo was reduced by many search engines because of the irrelevant content in Squidoo. But now the entire Squidoo team reduces the number of lenses which contain irrelevant content leading Squidoo for an ultimate portal for implementing SEO Strategy.

squidoo seo secret

Tips for Squidoo SEO Strategy #1

How to increase Squidoo lens PageRank ?

The Lens in Squidoo is your content what you write. Each and Every lens has its own rank in Squidoo. The more content you write in your Squidoo Lens the better it is. Because best ranked squidoo lenses get a higher PageRank . Why? , because those lenses are featured on pages who have a higher PageRank. How squidoo ranks its lenses depends on various factors, like your squidoo activity , how often the lens is updated , how big and good is lens and much more. The higher your lens will rank , more it will be visible and when people will visit your lens they will do mark it as their favorite , again giving your lens a higher PageRank. Thus doing SEO for you.

read more - How to increase Squidoo Lens PageRank

Tips for Squidoo SEO Strategy#2

Join Squidoo Groups as SEO Strategy

Groups in Squidoo play a major part in SEO and PageRank. When you use squidoo and create a lens always join the lens with some group. Check that whether that group homepage has a higher PageRank or not. The better the PageRank of a group the less SEO efforts you will have to make. Join as many relevant groups as possible. This will definitely increase your lens PageRank and provide SEO.

Tips for Squidoo SEO #3

Promote Squidoo lens with Tags

Tags in squidoo increases the PageRank of your lens. How? , Squidoo uses tags in order to define which lens is best for related pages section on other lens. use tags appropriately according to the lens you are making. This will link your lens on other similar lenses, with SEO backlinks giving your lens a higher PageRank.

Follow the SEO strategy defined above and you will definitely see a change in your Search Engine PageRank. The last thing I want to tell and warn you is that all squidoo lenses are manually reviewed . So please, the more professionally you use squidoo , Free SEO is what you get.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Remote Desktop to Server 2008 from XP

Remote Desktop to Windows Server 2008 from Windows XP Service Pack2

Logging into Windows Server 2008 via remote desktop from Windows XP is a task which many administrators are unable to perform. Accessing Windows Server 2008 via Vista Operating System is quite easy because the Network Level Authentication module inbuilt in Vista. But to access it via Windows Xp needs an administrator to follow step by step procedure:-

Step by Step Procedure

Step 1. Start Routing and Remote Access service on Server 2008.

1. Start --> Programs --> Administrative Tools --> Services.
2. Right-click Routing and Remote Access service (RRAS), and then click Start.

Step 2 . Disable Network Level Authentication

  1. Server Manager --> Configure Remote Desktop.
  2. Choose Allow connections from computers using any version of Remote Desktop (less secure).
  3. Click OK.
Step 3. Login with the following format domain/username

Step 4. It will work.

Convert pentium 4 to pentium 9

How to change the processor name and type ?

Yes you are reading right Pentium 9 has launched and it has been launched by me. Let me tell you how you can install Pentium 9 processor in you computer system.

Step 1 Go to start --> go to run --> type regedit.exe --> press ok

Step 2 In registry editor --> Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0

Step 3 On right Pane Select ProcessorNameString and change the value to Pentium 9

Step 4 Refresh the Screen

Step 5 You are done

Dual boot Ubuntu with XP

Dual boot Ubuntu with XP

Dual Booting Windows XP with any Linux Operating System is always looked upon like a miracle or a magic trick for beginners like me. And when talking about Ubuntu I am not the only person who gets exited. One of my friend Imran has posted a wonderful post regarding dual boot ubuntu with XP. Last thing I want to tell you that he has made all the steps really easy. A must read for everyone.

Linux Specialist: How to Dual boot Ubuntu with XP

What is the use of Registry Cleaner

What is the use of registry cleaner

Registry cleaner is a software which is used by users in order to rearrange the entire registry in Windows Operating System. Let look at the use of Windows registry cleaner in detail. Suppose you installed a new software which you thought is going to be of some use to you, but at what you found the next moment was that the software is of no use. What is the use of a software which is of no importance to a user. So you decided to remove the software. After removing the useless software, it doesn't removes all its registry settings , which makes your computer slow.

Now here is what registry cleaner is all about. The registry cleaner will be used by the user in order to clean all the registry settings which are not currently utilized by the operating system. Thus making the operating system fast.

5 Mistakes by Twitter Beginners

5 Mistakes by Twitter Beginners

Referring to my previous post on "How to get more Twitter followers" , this is the next in the series. If you have not read the previous post do read it. In the last post I told to tweet nice topics regarding a single category and be regular in order to increase your twitter followers.

Twitter as you know is much more than a micro blogging website. Its better to call twitter a social networking micro blogging site. Its not the same as other social networking sites like facebook or others, its a lot different. What makes it different is that only some use twitter for personal purpose, while everyone uses twitter for their professional reasons. Let me focus today on what mistakes are made by beginners in Twitter.

Common mistakes by Twitter beginners

Mistake 1

If you look upon twitter you will find a lot of people who are actually beginners in Internet marketing not using twitter as it is. They actually don't know what they are doing. In order to increase the number of followers in twitter these guys make a common mistake and start spamming twitter with all they articles the find in the article directories, hoping to attract everyone. But actually they end up attracting beginners and no professional as their follower. I always suggest to tweet absolutely wonderful tweets, according to the audience you have.

If you have a tech blog please don't tweet about cooking, you will not get any new followers but also end up loosing your existing ones.

Mistake 2

Beginners when tweeting also make a common mistake in twitter, they tweet a lot. A lot means hundreds of time in a day. This actually makes their existing twitter followers angry, and this also comes to their notice that they are following a beginner.

Mistake 3

Always Follow your seniors, this brings you to the notice of already established bloggers and site owners. Always reply to the established bloggers whom you follow regarding their recent posts. But this custom is still missing in twitter.

Mistake 4

Beginners are not consistent and that's truth with not all but with most. You have to be consistent in your tweets about the topic you are posting in.

Mistake 5

The last mistake a twitter beginner can make is not to follow the above tips.

Friday, 24 April 2009

How to get more Twitter followers

How to get more Twitter followers

How to get more twitter followers is one of the biggest question on internet. On any social networking blogs or forums you will see a post related to the topic of how to get more twitter followers.

Before moving ahead let me first discuss with you what is Twitter? Twitter is an amazing social networking website better known as a micro blogging website which gives you an ability to blog about yourself or what are you currently doing in mere few words. Now how is this Twitter micro blogging useful. Many beginners do think that micro blogging sites like twitter are only useful for those who are already having a big blog. And these guys don't even try using twitter. Some other cases of beginners - spam twitter, and that's bad.

In order to get more followers on twitter, use Twitter as it is, Why ? - because people like me and you do know what is social network marketing, and I bet more than half of the world must not have even heard of this term. When this part of world take a look at your tweets something like " Get more twitter followers " a hundred times in a row. It's of course they are going to consider you as a spammer even if you are a beginner and don't know anything about spam.

How to use twitter?

As I said earlier use twitter the service as it is. Do not try to spam it. Otherwise you are doing nothing except making loses for you. Getting more followers on twitter is same like you want to get more friends in this world. In between whom trust is very important. So consider making your profile so that everyone could trust you. I have seen many people on twitter making a profile with a beautiful girls photo as their profiles image and getting thousands of followers.

Just think, do this strategy will work in long run. If you are an internet marketeer than of course not. Like a beautiful dumb sales girl you would be able to sell some product instantly to some foolish guys but everybody is not a fool.

Just imagine this possibility that you have a technology or any social networking blog and you promote yourself on twitter in order to get more followers with the above mentioned wrong techniques. What if any established blogger with a good reputation wrote about you and your wrong techniques which you used in order to gain more twitter followers. His readers will immediately react and if some of them re-posted the same topic and then their readers re-posted it again and then again and then again - you are gone.

What if you were having a good profile in twitter with absolutely wonderful tweets and any good professional blogger noticed you and wrote about you or your blog in his blog post. Then that post could be rewritten be his readers and then by their reader and so on. Just imagine the readers and followers you could be having on your blog.

Getting more twitter followers is exactly like getting more blog readers , the funda is same but method is different. I appreciate those persons in twitter who are consistent in their tweets ie. they keep posting a lot of content about a same topic. I like to follow those people in twitter. But many people like to follow those who write about different topics. Through out the conversation you can get that someone is following other for a reason. Its up to you what kinda followers you need, so create you profile accordingly and tweet accordingly.

So in order to get more followers on twitter just keep posting as much as good content as you can.

Another method which you could follow in order to get more followers from twitter is to follow and reply other people on twitter. This is a very effective technique in building strong relationships with good established bloggers. These guys keep posting some nice tweets in their twitter profile. What you need to do is to say a hello to these guys and communicate with them. Please don't just say thank you for each and every tweet. This is very irritating. You have to build a relationship with these people so you need to talk with them like a professional not like a beginner. And if you are able to impress any established blogger - bang you are on.

But its very tough buddy, we bloggers know you even before you comment.

Follow the above mentioned steps in order to get more twitter followers and you will of course make your blog or website popular and get more followers on Twitter.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

List of Rss Readers

List of RSS Readers

RSS Readers are the most common and one of the most important softwares for people today. I have created a list of known good RSS readers. The list is divided into Open source RSS Readers, Windows RSS readers and Mobile RSS Readers.

Windows RSS Readers

Snarfer - Snarfer is a Free RSS reader specially for Windows XP or Vista. This feed aggregator includes multi tab support, video support, embedded browser in preview pane and Web search using a number of popular RSS/Blog search engines including Blogdigger, Bloglines, Blogpulse, Feedster, Google Blog Search, IceRocket, MSN Search, and Sphere. Download snarfer Feed aggregator.

Active Web Reader - Active Web Reader is a Free RSS Reader which also allows you to bookmark web pages. It supports all major RSS Feed formats, it can import your favorites from internet explorer, supports tab browsing, organize RSS feeds into groups, auto checks RSS updates and can be customized to display feeds. Download Active Web Reader

Feed Demon - This Free feed aggregator is from Newsgator. This reader includes a Panic button (nice feature) which warns a user in case their are lot of unread items, can work on windows 98 and later, provides watching embedded videos , search in a feed search engine and download any music file from a podcast and copy it to ipod or any media player. Download Feed Demon

Qlock - Qlock is basically desktop clock with feed reader embedded in the software. Plus it provides Daily Forex rates, Sticky Notes, Multiple profiles, Countdown Timers, Integrated World Map, Qlock Sync which provides settings synchronization on different machines. For most of the above defined service you have to pay for the upgraded software. Download Qlock.

eRSS Builder - A very Simple news aggregator. The only feature I liked about it is that's Ipod friendly, which means it automatically synchronizes to ipod and its Free too. Download eRSS Builder

Chrysanth Netime Channel - A Free and Adware Free Software than converts Internet Explorer into RSS Reader. It will install a toolbar in Internet Explorer that will maintain the feeds. It's requirements are quite low - Pentium 2 , 64 MB ram , Windows 95 and internet explorer 5.0 . Download Chrysanth Netime Channel

Omega Reader - Easy to use RSS Reader. With this tool you can read your emails, news feeds, web bookmarks, files, contacts all at one place. Download Omega Reader

GreatNews - a fast RSS reader with many built in layouts. One feature that I liked about this reader is channel statistics which shows most or least viewed channels. Another feature that I like about this reader is auto subscribe, which automatically highlights RSS icon in Windows Status bar whenever any feed on a web page is found. Download GreatNews

Mobile RSS Readers

NewsGator go - Newsgator go gives user the ability to access RSS feeds on Blackberry, Java Mobile or Window Mobile. It also provides emailing of articles directly and play embedded videos. Embedded video playing capability is only for Windows Mobile. Download NewsGator go

Mobile RSS Reader Google Code
- This version of Mobile news aggregator is a J2ME/PhoneME MIDP application. It also supports import of OPML feeds from internet or phone memory, and its Free too. Download Mobile RSS Reader from Google Code

FoCuS - Its a very simple RSS reader having upto 8 feeds storable memory. Supports Italian Language. Download FoCuS

SmartRSS - A RSS Reader for Windows mobile smart phone which also allows you to directly download podcasts to your computer. Features includes - scheduling of articles to be downloaded, text wrapping long RSS tittles, downloading multiple podcasts at the same time, set notifications when podcast download is complete and much more. Download SmartRSS

NewsBreak - allows you to save keywords and then it automatically performs feed searches based on keyword, allows to set alerts about important articles, supports windows mobile pocket PC or smart phone. Download NewsBreak

Open Source RSS Readers

RSS Bandit - This open source RSS Reader allows you to to synchronize your feeds with google reader and newsgator online, manage podcasts and much more. Download RSS Bandit

RSSOwl - A RSS reader for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris with news filter, phase searches, multitabbed browsing and much more. Download RSSOwl

AmphetaDesk - Very Nice multi platform Open source software can be installed on Mac, Windows, Linux. The Display could be customized accordingly. Download AmphetaDesk.

BlogBridge - Open Source RSS Reader with Synchronization settings, integration with Delicious and Flickr and much more... Download BlogBridge

Vienna - An Open Source RSS Reader only for Mac OS X Operating System which includes Customized Display Style, Feed Filter, Tabbed Browsing, Different reading layouts and much more. Download Vienna

Tranform Vista to Mac

Transform Vista to Mac

How to transform Windows Vista to Mac (look and feel). Its easy because of a software called vistaosx. With the use of Vistaosx you can transform the look, feel and environment of windows vista to that of MAC.

Many people who use MAC do find Windows Operating system a lot different except the navigation and browsing features. For them to immediately adopt Vista Work Environment is quite tough and also some times not a pleasant experience but with the use of Vistaosx any user can change the looks of vista to MAC. This software is supported on all versions of Windows Vista either basic, starter, business, premium or ultimate.

Play Radio in Computer

How to Play radio in your computer by following this easy step by step procedure.

Download VLC Media Player here

Execute the Vlc Media Player

Select View on the menu bar

then select playlists

In the Playlists window Select manage from menu bar and then select shout cast radio listings under service directories.

and that's it enjoy...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Auto Follow Twitter Followers

How to auto follow your twitter followers ?

Following your followers in twitter is done by many people. This following practice helps them build better social networking of their own. But to follow each and every followers is very practically impossible in twitter if you are having a large number of followers. So how to auto this task of auto follow twitter followers.

There's a service called tweetlater which enables a user to auto the above mentioned task. Tweetlater comes in both paid and free versions but the " auto follow twitter followers " service is enabled in both the versions.

When you create an account in Tweetlate please remember to check the auto follow check box, then you will be able to auto follow your followers in twitter. Very nice tool - must for lazy people.

Access Blocked Websites on wifi

How to access blocked internet websites on wify ?

Many times on an internet wi-fi hotspot , you are not able to access some websites because they are blocked on the wifi. First we must know that why are these websites blocked? As we know that internet is full of bad people who are always trying to access some potential information which can make them rich using black techniques. We as a user don't know about these hacking techniques completely, but many experts do know about them. So these experts block the bad websites on the internet wi-fi hotspot to protect other users. On the other sites many countries or places don't allows a particular site in their region like Skype.

In order to access all websites on internet which are even blocked by your wifi provider. Here's a Free tool called HotSpot Shield. With this software which is free to use you get your communication encrypted and youself hidden from your wifi provider, after which you can view all the blocked online websites easily.

After you install this software, you will get a html link on your desktop. Executing that link will open the application in the web browser.

The only disadvantage of this software is that it contains advertisements , but why to worry for advertisements , because we are now able to access the blocked internet websites online.

Block Flash in Firefox

How to Block Flash in Firefox ?

If you want to block flash movies in your firefox web browser, all you need is a firefox plugin or addon known as flashblock. Some times it becomes very hard for us to navigate a website whether its internet explorer, safari, chrome, flock or firefox because of the flash videos steaming all around us. With all these flash movies , its tough to not only navigate the web but also it takes a lot of bandwidth. So the only solution to these unneccessary flash movies playing in a website is to block them.

To block or stop these flash movies has become very easy with the use of flashblock addon in Firefox. With the help of flashblock, a user can easily block or stop the flash videos or movies playing around him. And if he want to play that movie , he doesn't needs to disable the flashblock addon all he has to do is to click on the movie and that's it.

Macro for Firefox

Want to implement Macros in Firefox ?

Firefox one of the best web browser in the world has an addon known as imacros. This addon is useful to create macro for firefox web browser. If you perform the same tasks again and again in your firefox then you need imacros. With this plugin or addon doing the same repetitive tasks will become easier because with the help of imacros addon you will be able to create a macro on your firefox web browser, which will do the tasks automatically by executing the macro.

What is a macro?

A macro is a script in which some commands are written with the use of which the repetitive tasks in any applications are done by executing the macro. The example of macro will be : suppose you want to fill a form in your web browser repeatedly, you can create a macro for this automatically filling of forms which will reduce your work.

imacros is a Firefox addon and according to best of my knowledge this addon wont work on internet explorer, chrome, safari, flock, etc....

Get weather forecasts in firefox

How to get Weather forecast in firefox web browser.

Forecastbar enhanced is a Firefox addon used to enhanced the capability of Mozilla firefox web browser. With this addon a user can check weather forecasts right on his web browser without leaving the webpage.

Whats the use of forecastbar ?

Suppose you are a user who is always on a trip. You need to check the weather updates regularly but to accomplish this task you always reach yahoo or msn to check the weather of a particular city. And just think if someone provides you a firefox trick so that you are able view the weather right in your web browser status bar , won't it be great. No need to open yahoo and msn again and again.

Sort and Search Emails in Outlook

How to Sort and Search emails in Ms Outlook

TO search and sort any email or list of emails you can use the built in function of outlook. But today I want to discuss with you about a tool which is exactly like the twitter client tweetdeck. With the use of this tool called outlookdeck one can sort and search the emails in Ms outlook very easily and in a very interactive way.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Watch World Clock on your Desktop

World Clock as a Desktop Wallpaper

This is an amazing software which I found will browsing a forum. I wanted to share this information with you. This is an amazing software which brings the world clock on your Computer Desktop as a Wallpaper. This software is only supported on Windows Operating Systems.

Supported OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

Download World Clock Desktop Software

Friday, 17 April 2009

Access Database from Internet Explorer

Access Oracle Database from Internet Explorer

Dbabar is a tool that allows users to access database directly from internet explorer. This tool is currently supported only on Oracle Databases. The minimum requirements for dbabar are Windows 2000 , Internet Explorer 6, Oracle 8i Client, Oracle 7.3 Database.

To Access Database from Internet Explorer all you have to do is to install dbabar with the above given minimum requirements. And that's it start using your database from your desktop through Microsoft Windows internet explorer.

(image by

Dbabar is free to try and the cost is USD 49 (Worth).

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Online Youtube Downloader List

Best Online Youtube Downloader List

This is a list of some best youtube online downloader, which will help you to download and convert videos from youtube.

Youtube is a major video hosting website today but doesn't provides downloading of its videos. The downloading process can be achieved by going to the following sites.

1.) Techcrunch - Techcrunch provided youtube download but now their service is disabled by Youtube . I am mentioning about their service because they have stated on their website that very soon they will again reinstate their online downloading service which was banned by youtube. They used to provide videos in flv format which could be viewed in vlc media player.

2.) - provides free video download from youtube and conversion of those videos into mov , avi , mp4 , 3gp and mp3 formats. This tool doesn't only provided online downloading videos from youtube but also converting them to many known formats.

3.) - has a nice interface and provides video download from youtube in flv format. The sites supported are YouTube, Google Video, and

4.) - is not only an Online Youtube Video Downloader but also acts as a Video Converter. It can convert Video in avi , mov , flv , 3gp , mp4 formats. It not only supports youtube but also many other Video websites like Metacafe, DailyMotion and Myspace.

5.) Vconversion - Vconversion is an online video download service plus online video converter service. It downloads videos from youtube and converts them into mpg, wmv, mov, mp4, 3gp, wav, flv and wav formats.

6.) - Videogetting is similar to many above. It downloads videos from youtube and also converts them into wmv, mp3, mp4, mov, 3gp, avi, mpg, mpeg formats.

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Log Network Adapter Usage

Log Network Adapter Bandwidth usage

Watching, Monitoring and Logging the real time usage of network adapter is essentially needed in some cases like a web server. Many tools are in the market currently to sort out the issue of monitoring network adapter bandwidth usage like Network Monitor from Microsoft.

Their is another tool which I got to know called Bandwidth Monitor Pro. This tool provides real time statistics of your network adapter and also log them to a file. The logging option is really good for admins who don't have much time to monitor their the adapters bandwidth usage.

How to Attach File More than 10 MB

How to Attach File Larger or Bigger than 10 MB

Attaching files in email is always been a problem with files of bigger size. Any email service provide doesn't have any issues with a file less than 10 MB but any file more than 10 MB cannot be send via them or even with a private mail server(because of bandwidth issue). Any attachment larger than 10 MB now can be send via has now implemented a service by introducing an addon for windows outlook 2007. With the help of this addon for Outlook 2007 the users will now be able o sent any file not only larger than 10 MB but also upto 5 GB.

To avail this service of the user needs to have an account with acrobat and the addon installed on their ms outlook 2007. Without the use of this add on you will not be able to attach any file larger than 10 MB because you are using the bandwidth of in order to achieve your goal.

So now attaching large files is quite easy thanks to Microsoft and

Thursday, 16 April 2009

How to Downgrade Window Media Player

How to Downgrade Window Media Player 11

Downgrading or roll back of Windows Media Player 11 is a series of simple step by step process.

How you can downgrade Window Media Player is an issue asked to me by many of my friends. Please note while performing downgrade or roll back you must know that a downgrade or rollback of windows media player doesn't mean that it will remove the media player from the system. It will only remove the upgraded version of windows media player, but still the previous version of software will be still alive.

You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group to perform the following procedure.

1. Please disconnect any music or video devices that might be attached to your computer and note that media player 11 is not running.

2. On Windows Taskbar - Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

3. In the Category View of Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.

4. Click Windows Media Player 11, and then click Remove.

If Windows Media Player 11 is not displayed in the list of currently installed programs, then try the following:

  • At the top of the list, select the Show updates check box.

  • In the Windows XP - Software Updates section, click Windows Media Player 11, and then click Change/Remove.

5. In each of the two confirmation dialog boxes that appear, click OK.

6. After the process of downgrade is complete, Restart Windows Media Player

7. Go to Windows Taskbar and Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.

9. Remove Windows Media Format 11 Runtime

If Windows Media Format 11 Runtime is not displayed in the list of currently installed programs, then try the following:

  • At the top of the list, select the Show updates check box.
  • In the Windows XP - Software Updates section, click Windows Media Format 11 Runtime, and then click Change/Remove.

10. In the first confirmation dialog box that appears, click OK.

11. In the second confirmation dialog box that appears, select the Do you want to continue with the rollback? check box, and then click OK.

12. When the downgrade process is complete , Restart Windows

13. Click Start in windows taskbar, and then click Control Panel.

14. click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.

15. Click Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0.0, and then click Remove.

16.Follow the instructions that appear in the Software Update Removal Wizard.
If the Wudf01000 confirmation dialog box appears, click Yes to continue. When the software removal process is complete (it might take several minutes to complete), click Finish.

Thus you will end up downgrading Windows media player 11, but why downgrade.

Synchronize your Bookmarks with Xmarks

Synchronize your Bookmarks with Xmarks

Bookmarks kept on local PC can be lost if the computer system corrupts. In order to save those bookmarks their backup is necessary. Xmarks is an online backup tool for bookmarks which not only backup your bookmarks but also synchronizes them if you decide to change your PC. With Xmarks all the bookmarks are kept on the server and they are synchronized directly to your Firefox web browser with the help of Xmarks plugin.

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Xmarks Setup in Firefox

Xmarks Setup in Firefox

How to use Xmarks ? Setting up Xmarks in Firefox.

Using Xmarks (previously called Foxmarks) is a step by step process.

Step 1 Download and install Xmarks plugin in Firefox

Step 2 Create an account at

Step 3 On your Browser click on the Xmarks icon

xmarks icon
Step 4 Run Xmarks Setup

Step 5 Log in into your Account

xmarks setup

Step 6 Click "No" on Password Sync

Thats it.

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Synchronize your Bookmark with Xmarks

Xmarks Profile Configuration

Xmarks Profile Configuration

What are Xmarks Profiles?

Xmark profiles are a method to divide your bookmark into personal and public categories.

For eg - If you bookmark something on your PC and synchronize it to Xmarks and you don't want that bookmark to appear if you synchronized xmarks on any other PC. Now here Xmarks Profile come into play.

Step by Step :-

Step 1. You can Create an Xmarks profile on and check those bookmarks marking them Private or Public

Step 2. On your PC Click the Xmarks icon in your browser

Step 3. Click Profiles Tab

Step 4. In Profiles Option Click Change

Step 5 Click Password of your account and select the profile you created in step one


Now when it will synchronize you won't see the bookmarks you marked private in the profile appearing in your browser. But those Bookmarks will be alive on .

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What is Xmarks

What is Xmarks

What is Xmarks?

Xmarks is a Firefox Addon plugin earlier called Foxmarks used to manage bookmarks on web . Xmarks the tool provides bookmarks backup and synchronization with the xmarks website. Multiple computers on the internet can share the same bookmarks through the xmarks website.

Xmarks is similar to which helps you to manage your bookmarks to delicious website. The difference between Xmarks and Delicious is that - Xmarks allows a user to mark out private and public bookmarks. Both Private and Public bookmarks in Xmarks are backed up by synchronizing the bookmarks to the website, but private bookmarks are not returned to the calling browser. A user in order to synchronize bookmarks will need an account at

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Password Synchronization in Xmarks

Password Synchronization in Xmarks

What is Password Synchronization?

Password Synchronization is a feature in Xmarks (earlier known as Foxmarks a plugin for Firefox) which enables a user to synchronize passwords saved in the Firefox web browser to Xmarks website. This feature is useful for people who need a solution to backup their passwords, securely online. Xmarks synchronized the password very securely to its server with the user of AES 256 bit encryption settings.

Step by Step Process:-

Step 1. Click on the Xmarks icon in your Firefox web browser

xmarks-icon (xmarks icon)

Step 2. Click on Sync Tab

Step 3. Check Passwords

Step 4. Provide a PIN (any password type value in order to encrypt your password strongly)


That's it.

Now to call those password again in any another PC just install Xmarks firefox plugin and provide the PIN during the setup or with the above process.

Now all your passwords saved in your browser sessions will also be saved on Server. They will sync with your computer by AES 256 bit encryption security.

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What is Xmarks

Features of Xmarks

Features of Xmarks

earlier known as Foxmarks is a web based service and a firefox plugin which enables synchronizing and backup of your bookmarks.

Xmarks Features are:-

Smart Search - Smart Search is a feature of Xmarks which highlights the top 3 sites in the results of google search

- Siteinfo the feature of Xmarks displays the details of a site directly from the address bar of firefox web browser.

Sync and Backup
- With this feature of Xmarks a user is able to save his bookmarks directly on the Xmarks website. The bookmarks can be private or public - it depends on the user.

Sync Profiles
- The user in Xmarks has ability to term his bookmarks public or private on the basis of different profiles created by he user.

Online Access - This feature of Xmarks enables a user to access his information directly via browser on any computer, if Xmarks is installed and if Xmarks is not installed the bookmarks can be viewed by reaching the website of

Mobile Access
- This feature enables a user to view his bookmarks directly via a mobile phone by going to

Secure Password Sync
- With this Feature a user can save all his password on his Firefox web browser to the server, and call them on any PC around the world any time.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hidden Administrator Software Review

Hidden Administrator Software Review

Hidden Administrator 2.6 is a remote control software which is used to remotely control client computers without physical access. The software is free to try for 30 day and can be purchased for very little price. The software consist of 2 ends Server and Client. The server part is useful to monitor all remote "hidden administrator" servers and the client part is specially for administrating the client computers.

(Server Side)

(Client Side)

The server part can be installed without the physical access to the servers on the same subnet, but needs physical access to server incase they are not on the same subnet. The features of client part are as follows:- (as stated by the product manual)

Some of the most amazing feature that I liked about this software were remote registry editing , remote reboot capability, chatting, sending messages, data encryption and remote desktop. If someone asks me about this software I will say its a must for system administrators.

Mobile Blogging with Blogger

Mobile Blogging with Blogger introduces mobile blogging right on the users dashboard. Any user in order to blog via mobile now only needs to enable mobile blogging in the blogger's dashboard. The mobile blogging option is quite traceable.

How to enable Mobile Blogging ?

To enable mobile blogging from blogger a user first need to logon , reach his blogger dashboard, above every blog he will now find a new icon specifying a mobile. Clicking that phone icon will show the user his claim code. Claim code is a series of digits which a user should send back to via SMS {BLOGGR (256447).

The phone used to send the claim code will be associated with the blog by and then that phone can be used to post - blog posts to your blog directly via SMS or MMS.

Please note:- The date I did this post, the mobile blogging service was only available in USA.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

How to Convert Youtube Videos to mp3

How to Convert Youtube Videos to mp3

Convert Youtube videos to MP3 with this amazing software from uSeesoft. This software is free to try but requires a purchase for full use. With this Youtube to MP3 convertor you can also convert a video into many other formats.

Converting Youtube Videos to mp3 or other format.

What you need is this software and a video file from youtube in .flv format. The file can also be in any other format supported be this software. This software supports a large number of file formats including AVI(DivX, Xvid, etc), MPEG-1/2/4, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV(QuickTime), MP4, DAT, VOB, MKV, FLV, 3GP, 3G2. Use it, keep converting and keep enjoying.

youtube video converter

The cost of this software is $29.95 otherwise it only allows you to convert first 5 minuts of video.

BitsCast Rss Reader Review

Bitscast RSS Reader / News Reader Review

BitsCast is a free to use RSS Reader. Recently I downloaded it from here and want to share my experience with you.

When I downloaded and installed, I thought that I again have to go through the process of adding the Feeds of my Subscriptions or importing them, but a good news for Lazy people like me, this reader comes with a lot of your favorite subscriptions inbuilt like Yahoo, Youtube, CBS, CodeGuru, Cnet , BBC, CNN, PCWorld, Business Week, MSDN and many more..

BitsCast RSS Reader(Click the image to see much clear preview)

With all these subscriptions added, this software also have some good settings which make it different from other similar softwares.

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Settings)

1.) One Option which I like about this reader is a Proxy client which is actually absent in most of the RSS Reader. This option gives me the ability to implement this software in an organization were proxy authentication is required for internet access. Some people have quite problems with implementing software inside an organization where proxy is required for internet, all of you please note down BitsCast.

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Proxy Feature)

2.) Another Feature that I liked about this software was email client. Yes you read it right, this software also provides an email client which can be used to send any web page link to your friend as email, like you normally do in your browser. All you have to do is to configure SMTP settings in BitsCast.

Its good for those who are regular in mailing links while browsing to their friends.

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Email Configuration)

BitsCast RSS Reader(Sending Emails in BitsCast)

3.) Last but not the least this software also contains a bit torrent client, but it's not as powerful as utorrent , bittorrent , etc..

BitsCast RSS Reader(BitsCast Bittorrent Client)

The best thing I liked about this software is that, whenever I had used an RSS reader before, it alway has given me some problems while opening the URL's in its browser. While using Bitscast, I didn't got any error like this till yet, will be blogging about any error if received.

BitsCast RSS Reader(Watching Youtube in BitsCast)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Setting 3D Desktop in Fedora Linux

How to set 3D Desktop in Fedora Linux

Setting up 3D Desktop in Fedora Linux is a really easy job. Anyone can perform this task and convert his boring Linux Desktop into some high quality 3D desktop machine. The software which we need is Compiz. The Software Compiz is not only available to install on Fedora machines but many other Linux Distributions. They are:-
  • Arch Linux
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Gentoo
  • OpenSUSE
  • Pardus
  • Sabayon
  • Ubuntu
The Software is installed by default on Fedora linux 6 and afterwards but must be enabled by the GNOME users by following the steps below:-

Select the appropriate options in System => Preferences => Desktop Effects

KDE users must run the following commands:-

compiz --replace gconf &
gnome-window-decorator &

Compiz has many plugins inbuilt and they can also be added easily.

Here is the Link --> Compiz Plugins

If Compiz is not installed in your system you can follow the following steps to install and run compiz in fedora linux. --> How to enable Compiz on your fedora linux system

And thats it. Check out the 3d Desktop image below.

Twitter attacked by a worm

Twitter attacked by a worm

Twitter the famous micro blogging site was attacked this weekend by a worm similar to the samy worm which took down the website Myspace. The worm in twitter was found spreading this weekend when 4 malicious accounts were created simultaneously at about 2 AM on Saturday. 90 Accounts were compromised due to the worm attack within few hours, later the attack was controlled. Later in the afternoon, the attack again started, about 100 more accounts were compromised due to the attack. The twitter security team found the infected files and removed them along with 10,000 Tweets.

Source :- Twitter Blog
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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Yahoo Search Monkey - What is Yahoo Search Monkey ?

Yahoo Search Monkey

What is Yahoo Search Monkey?

Yahoo Search Monkey is an open platform service by Yahoo to provide enhanced search results by Yahoo Search. Yahoo search results were till now displayed in a classic manner, but now these search results can be modified by Site Owners, Developers and Users together.

Below you can see the search results for a particular search term "how to play a guitar", in yahoo classic search.

without Yahoo Search Monkey

This a a result of a classic search by yahoo.

Now if we searched again the same term by utilizing the applications of Yahoo Search Monkey. The output is as follows :-

With Yahoo Search Monkey

Note the difference between both the searches, in the second search enabled by search monkey applications their is a infobar below every search redefining the search in an enhanced way.

These applications are called Yahoo Search Monkey Apps or applications and can be discovered at the Yahoo Search Gallery which is currently in the BETA version. Adding and removing these applications is easy but you need a valid yahoo account in order to fully utilize these applications.

The most famous famous application till date are as follows:-

StumbleUpon --> This application allows user to see , a website review and rating on stumbleupon
Flickr --> includes photos from Flickr if any
Feed Discovery --> Extracts Posts from the Feeds
deliciousify --> enables meta tags from delicious
IMDB Infobar --> provides information regarding a movie if any

These applications comes in 2 formats enhanced and infobar both type of applications can be dicovered by going on the view options of the Yahoo Search Gallery.

How Yahoo Search Monkey Works?

The Yahoo Search Monkey Platform is driven by 3 types of users - Website Owner, Developer, User.

Website Owner --> The people who own a website or a blog
Developer --> People who want to provide some service from the information they recieved from Website Owners
Users --> People who enjoy this platform for searching

Website Owner and Yahoo Search Monkey

The Website owners can submit there website to Yahoo Site Explorer and the rest of the work will be done by Yahoo. The Websites owners must submit their website to Yahoo Crawler in the following format to take full advantages of the Yahoo Search Monkey Platform:-

1.) XML- Based Atom Feed - more information regarding XML- Based Atom Feed
2.) eRDF/RDFa Markup - more information regarding eRDF/RDFa Markup
3.) Microformats - more information regarding Microformats
4.) OpenSearch - more information regarding OpenSearch
5.) Custom Data Services - more information regarding Custom Data Services

Now after sharing the data with the above given formats the Website Owners can also work as developers and create some application which will provide information regarding their shared data right from the Yahoo Search. Please Note that in order for a user to use your application while searching, the user should add your application in his Yahoo Search Gallery. This task can also be accomplished by adding an Yahoo Search Monkey Application Button on your Website.

Developers and Yahoo Search Monkey

Yahoo Search Monkey can be utilized by developers in order to create custom application of their website called data service. These applications are created on the data submitted by the Website Owners. For eg. StumbleUpon and Feed Discovery Applications of Yahoo Search Monkey utilizes the data submitted by the Website owners and output the data as programmed by the developers.

More information - Yahoo Search Monkey Developers Guide


Yahoo Search Monkey Website
Yahoo Search Monkey Developers Home
Yahoo Search Gallery

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Clickbank HopAd Builder Overview

ClickBank HopAd Builder Overview

Clickbank HopAd Builder is a tool which enables clickbank users to display ads like google adsense on their website containing links of their hoplinks. This tool is absolutely free provided by clickbank. Their is a good news for the Wordpress users because a new wordpress plugin has just launched which enables wordpress bloggers to display text ads on thier blog from clickbank.

Clickbank Wordpress plugin video

(Video by

Important ClickBank HopAd Builder links:-

WP-HopAd Wordpress Plugin
HopAd Builder FAQ
Using the New ClickBank HopAd Builder

Friday, 10 April 2009

Yahoo added WebSlice

Hooray!!!! Yahoo added WebSlice

In an blog post written by Yahoo mail it has confirmed that Latest Feature "WebSlice" of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 has been added to Yahoo. To take full advantage of this feature users will have to download "Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Yahoo". The requirements for this browser are as follows:-
  • Windows XP 32-bit Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 64-bit
After Downloading and Installing "Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Yahoo" the users will be able to read read their emails directly from the Web Browser's dropdown menu. The user will also be able to access other services of Yahoo such as "Yahoo Search", "Yahoo ToolBar" and "Yahoo HomePage".

"This is looking like a strategy of Microsoft and Yahoo to move ahead of Google."

Original Post --> Would you like a slice of Mail with your Internet Explorer 8?

How to Create a Webslice

How to create a WebSlice?

Internet Explorer 8 introduces a new feature called webslice, which enables a user see updated information of a web page without leaving that web page. Creating a Webslice is currently not known to a lot of Web Developers. I have created a post which contains a list of links explaining , how to create a webslice for your website.

Creating a webslice:-

Write a WebSlice for Wordpress blogs

How to Webslice your Website

How to create a WebSlice

Adding a WebSlice in a WordPress Site

Creating a Dynamic WebSlice

Internet Explorer 8 - How to add Webslice for WordPress

Creating your own WebSlice

Creating a Basic WebSlice for Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft - WebSlice Style Guide

Activities and Webslices in Internet Explorer 8

How to Create a Webslice from RSS

Turn your RSS Feeds into WebSlices

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Internet Explorer 8 – What is a WebSlice?

Internet Explorer 8 – What is a WebSlice?

Once someone invented a technology known as RSS, it changed the way we look at Internet. We didn’t need to go to any site for an updated information, all the new web pages added to the current website were made available to us within a matter of seconds.

Now Microsoft comes up with something called a WebSlice. To understand it just think, what will you do if you have to constantly monitor a WebSlice (a part of a web page). Just understand that we can only utilize RSS in order to view a complete newly created web page, RSS as a technology can not deliver any part of a page with recent updates constantly. But with WebSlice we can constantly monitor a part or a slice of a web page directly from our Internet browser.

For example :- If you have to monitor stock price of XYZ corps with Yahoo Finance. You till now only have the option to open the web page of XYZ corps on yahoo finance and check its stock price. But with WebSlice, all you have to do is to add XYZ corps WebSlice to your favorite bar in your internet explorer, define an update schedule or use the default and that’s it. The stock price of XYZ corps will now keep changing at the scheduled time and after every new update your browser will flash your screen for a notice. Now you don’t need to open yahoo finance again and again for the checking the stock price.

The only disadvantage this technology could face is that, you can not add any WebSlice to your browser until the Website owner has implemented them. Say in the above eg. You would not be able to add the WebSlice for XYZ corps until yahoo finance has implemented it on their Web Server using a simple code.