Thursday, 9 April 2009

Internet Explorer 8 – What is a WebSlice?

Internet Explorer 8 – What is a WebSlice?

Once someone invented a technology known as RSS, it changed the way we look at Internet. We didn’t need to go to any site for an updated information, all the new web pages added to the current website were made available to us within a matter of seconds.

Now Microsoft comes up with something called a WebSlice. To understand it just think, what will you do if you have to constantly monitor a WebSlice (a part of a web page). Just understand that we can only utilize RSS in order to view a complete newly created web page, RSS as a technology can not deliver any part of a page with recent updates constantly. But with WebSlice we can constantly monitor a part or a slice of a web page directly from our Internet browser.

For example :- If you have to monitor stock price of XYZ corps with Yahoo Finance. You till now only have the option to open the web page of XYZ corps on yahoo finance and check its stock price. But with WebSlice, all you have to do is to add XYZ corps WebSlice to your favorite bar in your internet explorer, define an update schedule or use the default and that’s it. The stock price of XYZ corps will now keep changing at the scheduled time and after every new update your browser will flash your screen for a notice. Now you don’t need to open yahoo finance again and again for the checking the stock price.

The only disadvantage this technology could face is that, you can not add any WebSlice to your browser until the Website owner has implemented them. Say in the above eg. You would not be able to add the WebSlice for XYZ corps until yahoo finance has implemented it on their Web Server using a simple code.


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There is a very good implementation of web slices in Firefox. It's "PageSlices addon for Firefox". Web site of the project:

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