Friday, 1 May 2009

Synchronize Google Calender With Outlook

Synchronize Google Calender With Outlook

If you have used Microsoft Outlook Calenders, then you must be already knowing what are the uses of a calender. You better would be knowing the benefits of using Ms outlook calender in your organization. Google Calender is a way to schedule your time online and that too for free.

People who use Ms Outlook calender and google calender both want to find a better way to synchronize both the calenders. This synchronization is possible. This means that after google and outlook sync all the schedules between these calenders will be synchronized. And you can access any calender either on your PC or internet.

Their are 2 ways to Sync google calender with Outlook

Manual method to sync

  • First you need to export the calender in to .ics format. google calender will export files in zipped format,
  • extract them Go to outlook
  • File --> Import --> Select "Import icalender or vCalender file" , select the"ics" file, it will import all the schedules to your calender.

Automatic Method to Sync

  • Download this software
  • Install the download software
  • Give your google username, password
  • Set the option whether you want one way or both way sync
  • Set the Sync interval
  • Its done, now you can switch off or on the tool from your Windows Taskbar.

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