Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Aero - additional features in Windows 7

Aero the display interface introduced with Windows Vista is moving ahead now with the development of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Aero which stands for – Authentic, Energetic , Reflective and open was till now shipped with Microsoft windows Vista Operating systems but now it will also be shipped with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system with some additional features like:-

Aero Peek :- This features enable a user to view thumbnails of a program running from taskbar and full view of the program when mouse is hovered on those thumbnails

Aero Shake :- Shaking the open windows in windows 7 will bring all the windows to maximize at once and all the windows to minimize at once

Aero Snap :- Dragging a Window to either side (left or right) will cover half the portion of that side of screen with that windows

Touch UI :- Title bar buttons are much larger. (remember ribbon in office 2007)

Not only Microsoft is making people love these features , big IT giants - actively involved in developing hardware for windows are promoting these feature. Not because Windows is the most popular operating system but when windows 7 will be sold the upgraded hardware required to install windows 7 will also be sold.

check out --> Microsoft Windows 7 Hardware Requirements


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