Thursday, 16 April 2009

Features of Xmarks

Features of Xmarks

earlier known as Foxmarks is a web based service and a firefox plugin which enables synchronizing and backup of your bookmarks.

Xmarks Features are:-

Smart Search - Smart Search is a feature of Xmarks which highlights the top 3 sites in the results of google search

- Siteinfo the feature of Xmarks displays the details of a site directly from the address bar of firefox web browser.

Sync and Backup
- With this feature of Xmarks a user is able to save his bookmarks directly on the Xmarks website. The bookmarks can be private or public - it depends on the user.

Sync Profiles
- The user in Xmarks has ability to term his bookmarks public or private on the basis of different profiles created by he user.

Online Access - This feature of Xmarks enables a user to access his information directly via browser on any computer, if Xmarks is installed and if Xmarks is not installed the bookmarks can be viewed by reaching the website of

Mobile Access
- This feature enables a user to view his bookmarks directly via a mobile phone by going to

Secure Password Sync
- With this Feature a user can save all his password on his Firefox web browser to the server, and call them on any PC around the world any time.

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