Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Windows 7 Beta Installation Step By Step 2/2

Microsoft Windows 7 installation methods :-

There are 2 methods to install Windows 7 beta version. The first method is called Clean installation and the second method is called upgrade installation.

  • Clean installation: - If your computer has no operating system installed you have to follow the steps defined in the clean window 7 installation.

Please note: - If you have any windows installed prior to windows vista 7 version and want to upgrade, you can not and you will either have to delete your existing operating system or you will have to perform a multi boot (2 or more OS installed in 1 computer) operating system.

  • Upgrade installation: - If you have Windows Vista installed with SP1 on your computer then you can straight away upgrade your Operating system settings and data by upgrading it to the latest version of Windows ie: Windows 7 Beta

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