Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hidden Administrator Software Review

Hidden Administrator Software Review

Hidden Administrator 2.6 is a remote control software which is used to remotely control client computers without physical access. The software is free to try for 30 day and can be purchased for very little price. The software consist of 2 ends Server and Client. The server part is useful to monitor all remote "hidden administrator" servers and the client part is specially for administrating the client computers.

(Server Side)

(Client Side)

The server part can be installed without the physical access to the servers on the same subnet, but needs physical access to server incase they are not on the same subnet. The features of client part are as follows:- (as stated by the product manual)

Some of the most amazing feature that I liked about this software were remote registry editing , remote reboot capability, chatting, sending messages, data encryption and remote desktop. If someone asks me about this software I will say its a must for system administrators.


mohamed said...

I want to learn using this software..

Mr jay Banzal you can create a tutorial how explain haw to use this software..

think you

Anonymous said...

Please can someone give me a tutorial to use this program ???

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