Thursday, 16 April 2009

Xmarks Profile Configuration

Xmarks Profile Configuration

What are Xmarks Profiles?

Xmark profiles are a method to divide your bookmark into personal and public categories.

For eg - If you bookmark something on your PC and synchronize it to Xmarks and you don't want that bookmark to appear if you synchronized xmarks on any other PC. Now here Xmarks Profile come into play.

Step by Step :-

Step 1. You can Create an Xmarks profile on and check those bookmarks marking them Private or Public

Step 2. On your PC Click the Xmarks icon in your browser

Step 3. Click Profiles Tab

Step 4. In Profiles Option Click Change

Step 5 Click Password of your account and select the profile you created in step one


Now when it will synchronize you won't see the bookmarks you marked private in the profile appearing in your browser. But those Bookmarks will be alive on .

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