Monday, 27 April 2009

How to use squidoo SEO Tips

How to use Squidoo in SEO Strategy ?

Squidoo is a tool which can help in implementing an absolute SEO strategy. Using Squidoo as a part of your SEO marketing strategy can actually get your website a higher PageRank. Higher PageRank with the use of Squidoo is possible because Squidoo itself has a higher PageRank in all Search Engines. Their was a time when this higher PageRank of Squidoo was reduced by many search engines because of the irrelevant content in Squidoo. But now the entire Squidoo team reduces the number of lenses which contain irrelevant content leading Squidoo for an ultimate portal for implementing SEO Strategy.

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Tips for Squidoo SEO Strategy #1

How to increase Squidoo lens PageRank ?

The Lens in Squidoo is your content what you write. Each and Every lens has its own rank in Squidoo. The more content you write in your Squidoo Lens the better it is. Because best ranked squidoo lenses get a higher PageRank . Why? , because those lenses are featured on pages who have a higher PageRank. How squidoo ranks its lenses depends on various factors, like your squidoo activity , how often the lens is updated , how big and good is lens and much more. The higher your lens will rank , more it will be visible and when people will visit your lens they will do mark it as their favorite , again giving your lens a higher PageRank. Thus doing SEO for you.

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Tips for Squidoo SEO Strategy#2

Join Squidoo Groups as SEO Strategy

Groups in Squidoo play a major part in SEO and PageRank. When you use squidoo and create a lens always join the lens with some group. Check that whether that group homepage has a higher PageRank or not. The better the PageRank of a group the less SEO efforts you will have to make. Join as many relevant groups as possible. This will definitely increase your lens PageRank and provide SEO.

Tips for Squidoo SEO #3

Promote Squidoo lens with Tags

Tags in squidoo increases the PageRank of your lens. How? , Squidoo uses tags in order to define which lens is best for related pages section on other lens. use tags appropriately according to the lens you are making. This will link your lens on other similar lenses, with SEO backlinks giving your lens a higher PageRank.

Follow the SEO strategy defined above and you will definitely see a change in your Search Engine PageRank. The last thing I want to tell and warn you is that all squidoo lenses are manually reviewed . So please, the more professionally you use squidoo , Free SEO is what you get.


internet marketing services said...

all i have to say is that squidoo's logo really freaks me out.

search engine placement said...

Wow, great information. I could say my knowledge in seo is already broad but I find it nice to see people giving out tips and new information.

Ben Shepard said...

I was unaware of the importance Squidoo plays in SEO, I will follow the tips provided.
Ben Shepard

Winston Salem Real Estate said...

I have posted (or whatever the squidoo term is) a few lenses, but it's been a while. I have recently been thinking of adding squidoo to our SEO real estate strategy, and your lense has helped confirm that. Thanks! Tony
P.S. By the way, your lense was #1 on 1st page google for "how to use squidoo for seo". Nice job!

Winston Salem Real Estate said...

After reading your lens, I've decided to us squidoo more in our SEO strategies. Thanks for a great article. Tony Green

P.S. By the way, your article was #1 on 1st page of google for "how to use squidoo for seo". Good job! said...

I agree. Squidoo is a big help in link building and social media marketing.

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This blog was really helpful. It was nice to take a refresher in this very well done SEO lens. You mentioned one very important aspect about not trying to do everything all at once, rather doing it step by step and having a plan of action...patience is key! :)

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Really a very good information shared by you on SEO tips, i appreciate your efforts taken for the same. I was aware of SEO tips but tips included in this post are really very good for website promotion and i shall surely try on my own project.

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