Thursday, 9 April 2009

Internet Explorer 8 - What is Accelerators?

Internet Explorer 8 – What is Accelerators ?

The Internet is changing. The feature called accelerator provided in Internet Explorer 8 is an amazing add-on people have ever seen. ‘Accelerators’ can be defined as an feature which is going to enhance and completely change the way people browse internet.

What is Accelerator?

How many times do you go to wikipedia to search for anything? How many times do you go to an online dictionary to find a meaning of a word? Every time you find some thing you note it down then go to google or any other website like wikipedia and then start searching for it. Just imagine if you don’t have to open any window or even you don’t have to note down any anything, what you have to do is to select the text in the internet explorer and hover your mouse over the accelerator button and that’s it. In the same window and even on the same page you will find your answer just take a look at an image below:-

Like the image above, which provides the information about maps on a single page of internet explorer , you can view many web services like this, using ‘accelerators’ feature shipped with Internet explorer 8. Even you can add or delete more accelerators with the Internet explorer 8 gallery.


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