Thursday, 16 April 2009

Password Synchronization in Xmarks

Password Synchronization in Xmarks

What is Password Synchronization?

Password Synchronization is a feature in Xmarks (earlier known as Foxmarks a plugin for Firefox) which enables a user to synchronize passwords saved in the Firefox web browser to Xmarks website. This feature is useful for people who need a solution to backup their passwords, securely online. Xmarks synchronized the password very securely to its server with the user of AES 256 bit encryption settings.

Step by Step Process:-

Step 1. Click on the Xmarks icon in your Firefox web browser

xmarks-icon (xmarks icon)

Step 2. Click on Sync Tab

Step 3. Check Passwords

Step 4. Provide a PIN (any password type value in order to encrypt your password strongly)


That's it.

Now to call those password again in any another PC just install Xmarks firefox plugin and provide the PIN during the setup or with the above process.

Now all your passwords saved in your browser sessions will also be saved on Server. They will sync with your computer by AES 256 bit encryption security.

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